Friday, April 24, 2009

Check out the pretty!

The Supergirl one is now my desktop wallpaper. Batwoman might follow later. Pretty pretty pretty :-)

The Oracle one now looks completely unoffensive, as opposed to when I got the comic. I believe that is because it is not surrounded by other boobs. I admit that the colouring is very pretty on the cover of the Oracle books but I still don't think you need to show a female character's breasts to sell a comic. You'd be better off writing good stories.
One thing I forgot to mention- at least there was consistency between the cover and the inside of the book. She was wearing the same tight shirt inside.

That's probably the last post from me this weekend. I'm off on a stag do tomorrow, back on monday. Hopefully I'll get some internet access over the weekend, I am going with a bunch of techy nerds.

(Supergirl 40 was great! We know who Superwoman is!)

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MOCK! said...

Thanks for the heads up on that wallpaper. I like the Batgirl one a lot...