Thursday, August 26, 2010

No Mans Land - Catwoman and sex

I'd read the Catwoman No Mans Land issues before, but age ago, and tbh, they probably didn't mean a lot to me then.  On re-reading them alongside the other No Mans Land issues they become a whole lot better.

I suspect that on the first read I got on a stroppy feminist high horse about the sexual art.  I now get off that horse and will defend the art.  It's a playful porny pin up style and it's great!

It's flirtatious and sexual, and it's overly emphasising her breasts and arse, but so does Selina especially when she's with Bats.  So what better way to start this off than with a series of pictures showing them at their best (click to embiggen):

Yes the art is salacious, yes it's titillating, but that aint a bad thing!  This is some glorious storytelling with decent sexual tension between the two and I love it.  And it isn't unfeminist of me to say it.


Eyz said...

Catwoman and the 90s! :P

notintheface said...

Ah, Jim "The Talent" Balent, who went on to do the TAROT comics.

Saranga said...

yet for some reason I still like these issues!

RAY said...

I love that suit, is a combination of the gray one from year one with tail and whiskers and the Balent purple suit without the long hair...too bad it only lasted for a little more than a year