Sunday, June 04, 2006

Filming in Norwich

The Movie Stardust, based on Neil Gaiman's book, is to be filmed in Norwich tomorrow!! ON Elm Hill, see here

Incidentally, I just found out why I am listening to Less than Jake. It's for one song, it's got the line 'You're paranoid at every sound' ending it. Love it.

Music and Mayhem

I met Ginger from the Wildhearts! And he signed my boob!! I went to go see Ginger and the Sonic Circus support Hanoi Rocks on Thursday at the Waterfront, (Ginger - ace, Hanoi Rocks - mullety). Me and my mates were about to leave at 10.30 cos Hanoi Rocks weren't our thing and we turned round and saw Ginger. so we trot over, I ask him to sign my boob, he obliges *beams*, and I talk for a few minutes and get very giddy and starstruck and he patted me on the head. I gave him a kiss on his cheek too. He's very bristley. He probably thinks I'm a freak now. I didn't wash for 2 days. Photo of the signature will be uploaded tomorrow.

I have also been on holiday with the lovely boyfriend where we went on lots of walks, well two but they lasted a long time, saw lots of horses and foals, and coo-beasties, got stuck in a bog, got lost, went to a crap reptile centre and ate a lot of food. and didn't kill each other, hurrah! despite my massive strop when I thought we were lost. We also met a lovely cat.

Currently listening to Less than Jake. I don't quite know why.