Other web writings

Other websites have been gracious enough to accept my writings as guest posts, or general contributions to their discussions.  These are as follows:

For Prism Comics - all posts are comics reviews focusing on LGBT characters.
Secret Six - Six Degrees of Devastation: It’s a team of 6 villains, with one lesbian and one bisexual character.
Venus Envy: Webcomic about a young trans woman.
Coming out in comics – similar to my series on this blog, this is an overview of LGB characters in modern DC comics, what I think about them and why I think it’s important to have them.
Iono-Sama Fanatics volume 1: A Japanese yuri (girls love) manga about a visiting Queen, looking to build up her sobames (companions).
Paris:  2 women find love in 1950s Paris.
Starman #45: Featuring a gay male couple, and some rather dodgy gay men in prison assumptions.
Starman 80 page giant - Wherein I talk about the concept of bisexual erasure and what this comic does to break the trend.

Other guest posts are:
Inked - On Piercings: A guest post I did for Female Impersonator, talking about my rationale, motivations and feelings towards my body piercings.

For DC Women Kicking Ass I wrote:
The Most Memorable Moments in DC History for Women: Nominee #19 - wherein I talk about the amazingness of Huntress, especially around the moment where Joker shot her in the stomach in No Mans Land.
I also contributed commentary for a couple of posts on the topics of the best for DC women in 2011, and the worst for DC women in 2011.

For The F Word, the premier site for UK feminism, I wrote:
The myth of the 28 day cycle - about women's (and my) menstrual cycle.
My experience of slimming clubs 
The Taming of the Shrew: a feminist portrayal of domestic abuse?
Mage: A Hero Defined - review of the series by Matt Wagner.
How to get pregnant: what they don't tell you in school part one and part two.

Women Write About Comics interviewed me about my comic blogging here.  I talk about Supergirl(s), LGBT characters, sign language(s), new readers to comics and more.

Dee over at the Four Colour Princesses blog featured some pictures of me, dressed as Supergirl, in her Supergirl special.  There's also a much better Supergirl cosplay in the post, so go take a look!

Talking of costumes, this isn't a post I wrote, but I was featured on The Aquaman Shrine for my pregnant Aquaman costume.

I'm part of the Radio Bamf comics podcast.  To date I have been on episodes 13, 15, 17, 18, 20, 21 and am then a regular host.  You can listen to Radio Bamf here, and also find links to it on itunes and youtube (which has auto captions).

I'm also writren for the We Are Arcade website (that hosts Radio Bamf).  You can view my one article here.

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