Sunday, October 28, 2007

Smallville episode 5

Ahh so much to love in this episode! Lionel's back! Lana shows more snarlyness - I guess this is the direction they'll go in to allow Clark and Lana to split? Clark gets the cape! Further persuasion to get Clark to be a superhero! WiR theory made into reality - ok so that's not so cool, but it made me giggle. Do we think they are addressing the blogosphere's concerns here?! A new character finds out Clark's secret identity and doesn't die or get mindwiped! Hurrah!
This makes up for the mess of last week's episodes.
Bad things - no Kara. Booooo. Good on Chloe for giving her a backstory though :)

In other news, I finally got and read the GA/Black Canary wedding special. Giddy Superman makes me laugh. He looks and acts like a 12 year old boy! The whole issue was pretty good actually, I like Dinah getting pissed Slade nicked her ring and I really liked everyone's reactions to the invite (especially Plastic Man's).

Also got ASBAR 7. Awful. but awesome. but awful. but awesome. And was that meant to be Black Canary, or some random Irish chick who dresses just like her? And do we think that Frank Miller may be writing himself as Batman? Or at least, writing himself as he wants to be.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Kara Smallville

I like Kara on Smallville. I liked her snarky in episode 2, I liked her self assuredness and her meeting in the forest with Clark. Episode 3 however, was bollocks. There was no need, character development wise, for a beauty pageant. The weather girls plot was just rubbish. And now I'm a little afeard that they might try and make Kara and Lex have a relationship. Grr.
And Lana appears to have come back with no toughness. Surely the strength she shows when aroudn Lex should also show when she's around Clark? But it comes across as two entirely seperate people, and I prefer the tough Lex Lana. *sigh*

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Wonder Woman = housewife ?

or tidy upper-er, or cleaner? You wouldn't think of her as that would you? Except that this artwork up on ebay at the moment has her "indulging in a little tidying up, picking up someones pants"

Why would Diana be picking up someone's pants? Is she doing a spot of light cleaning round the watchtower?

And why are her feet in that position when she's not wearing heels?