Saturday, April 18, 2009

Brain hurt

After reading the latest WFA post I really want to comment on the atrociousness of DC's releases this week. I mean, look at the Oracle cover, DC Nation boobs picture, and the GA/BC cover..

Way to objectify the women there. Fuck off DC. Oracle and GA/BC were obviously deliberate. i can see how the Kara shot *may* be accidental. Put them all in conjunction, all released in the same week, and this is fucking insulting.

I do intend to write about all of these more fully, but I think I'm coming down with something (not rage, although that would be quite appropriate), and I'm in no state to write considered reviews of anything. I don't even think I can watch Smallville now. I should go to bed.
In a state of rage.


wiec? said...

funny you should mention the DC Nation pic.

My girlfriend was leafing through my issue of Vigilante at the coffee table this morning and pointed to the DC Nation page and said "what an unfortunate bit of cropping on this one." Had to agree with her on that.

very seldom (never) would you see the same shot but with Clarks or Bruce's pec and no head. Blame the editorail staff for dropping the ball there.

Mickey said...


You been hitting the crack pipe?

all the people I've shown this pic and the ensuing wank (inc my GF) have all agreed, they dont see what the big deal is, and that they've cropped supes and bats to just show the s-shield or the bat countless times.

Usually it's a throw away bit of (what I've recently learned is called) 'dehumanizing' where you focus on the symbol rather than the human behind it (superhero's are more than just a human they are symbols after all) Im sure this would have been a throw away bit of 'focusing on how the symbol is what's important' except the symbol has boobs behind it, and as every feminis and misogynist knows, if somthing has boobs it cant be MORE than human, it always makes it less than human.

Saranga said...

@ Mickey
Please, no rudeness. Disagree all you like but please be civil.

Re the Supergirl picture. Everyone's entitled to have different opinions, some will find the picture insulting, some won't.
I think one of the issues here is that it doesn't occur in a vacuum, it's one more boob shot in amongst all the other boob centric shots put out by DC. It takes place in a culture that gives women-as-fully-rounded-individuals jack all space.
Hence it comes across as sexism, intentional or not.
Just because something wasn't intentional doesn't mean it's not wrong.
It wouldn't be so bad if it was a shot of just the symbol, but it's odd how the only woman in the picture is the only one we can't fully see.

Mickey said...

Sorry, the @hitting the crack pipe was meant to be funny. No insult was meant.

Also, on re-reading the term "every feminist" probably shoulda been "Every 'feminist'"

I have thoughts on the other points, but I need my sleep right now. Will reply 'morrow. Just wanted to say meant no offence to anyone in particular.

Saranga said...

Ok no problem, it's always difficult to tell when text is meant to be rude or jokey. Thanks for responding. :)