Sunday, November 29, 2015

Other telly series I have watchef

As well as Arrow and Constantine I have also watched a lot of other telly recently. Thank you Amazon Prime and a constantly feeding baby.

Parks and Recreation was ace. I think I got 4 seasons in. In the first episode I thought Leslie Knopes was going to turn into a David Brent type character, but I was wrong. She is warm hearted and kind and a ditz, but dedicated to her job. I loved Parks and Rec and i'm very pleased I watched it.

Switched at Birth - it was an absolute pleasure to watch a domestic (as in home and family based) that was also a Deaf drama and political but naturally so. Deafness is treated like it's normal. It's intrinsic to the characters but it's not all the programme is about.  It's also about class, family, art and identity. And birth. I'm so glad I'd had my boy before I watched this, or it would have been very difficult for me. I think I got 3 seasons in.

The flash - I really quite enjoyed this. There were elements and scenes that were taken out of the superhero show cliche handbook, and Iris needed more to do, to be, but on the whole it was pretty good. Seeing Grodd and the Rogues was an absolute pleasure. I'm excited about season 2.

Prison break - I got two eps in and gave up. The most redeeming thing about it is that the Flash's Captain Cold is the main guy. But he was better as Captain Cold. His diction in that role is hilarious.

I also watched the Twilight films 2-5. Loved them. They are daft, but just as enjoyable as the books.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Arrow season two

This was far better than season one, but still don't didn't engage me enough. I missed details of lots of eps because I was pissing about on my phone. This means that either the show isn't that great, or that I have a very low attention span.

My partner said something to me about how thes shows are put together - he thinks someone comes up with an idea, like vigilante fights the city, and then they search for a character/property/brand to put on it.

I can see his point. This show isn't really comic Green Arrow, but it does take a lot from the DCU. Deathstroke, league of Assasins, speedy/red Arrow, Amanda Waller, the suicide squad etc etc.

Black Canary isn't recognisable as comic Dinah Lance, but the actress who plays her (Caity Lotz) is really good, and she has the muscles for the part.
The guy who plays Roy Harper is a good fit, if you accept Roy as a moody teenager.
Oliver's family has bugger all to do with the comics, altho by the end of Season two Ollie seems more hero-like than in season one

Deathstroke and Amanda Waller are very good in their roles, and are quite comicy. Everything revolves around the island, which had varying levels of interest for me.

It was an absolute thrill to see Arrow, Canary and Roy all fighting together.  I  do love me some Arrow family. However I think I'm projecting onto the show what I want to see.

I'm not going to watch season 3 because I have to pay for it.  I had season two as part of an amazing prime package - a free months trial.  So instead I watched Constantine, which was great fun and shouldn't have been cancelled.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Comic reviews from a good month or so ago

I'm slack. Here we go. I'm picking these comments from my twitter feed and if. Can I'll add in more detail. If I remember.

Starfire 4 - delightful and fun and it put Peej and Twrra's previous adventures back in canon. Winner.

Batgirl 44 and Bombshells 2 feel like their creators are having fun with their work. The themes and tones of the stories are different to other New52 stories, and it makes reading enjoyable. With Bombshells, I  obviously smitten with the idea of only lady superheroes. There's some lovely Soviet style art in there too.

Princeless Be Yourself 3 and 4 - I'm still stuck about the art. I can see that are elements of good in there - panel composition, physical jokes, but I do not like the style of pencilling and I find the colouring too dark. It feels amateurish, but I don't know whether I  correct in my feelings or whether I am being snoory because it's not to my taste.  I found the style of the Gothic Vampire a bit too overbearing. A bit much.

Princeless Raven 3 was much better. Good in all areas.

JLU 13 was good. Solid but not overly memorable, although I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy re-reading them.. The cover art reminds me of the art in James Robinson's Starman series.

Bitch Planet 5 is wonderful and makes me believe in myself.

Sensation Comics 14 is, again, my kind of Wondy. Righteous, compassionate and wise.

Sex Criminals 9 - porn and academia and aan intriguing set of letters.