Friday, May 31, 2013

Race for Life update

I completely forgot to update you all on my Race for Life efforts!

I did it on the 18th May.  The skies were overcast but it didn't rain.  Me and 2 friends walked the 10k route which took us 2 hours, which seems like a reasonable pace.  However we were all pretty knackered at the end of it!

Thank you to everyone who sponsored me and retweeted links to my fundraising page.  I have raised £280 for Cancer Research UK, qhich si £30 over my target, so I am committed to running it next year (eek).

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ame-Comi Girls is 'on hiatus'

Just found this DC Comics twitter status from February where it says that Ame-Comi Girls is on hiatus, which I can't help thinking is code for cancelled.

Arrgggh.  I adore this series.  It is rather flimsy looking, and some of the costumes are ridiculous, but it's also a series about all female heroes, written with intelligence and empathy and they are so much more than the sum of their costumes and bodies.  Women get to save the world on a daily basis!  Women have different personality types!  This makes it sound all a bit political and agenda driven but it's not.  It's solid superhero stories that happen to be about women.  I loves it. So much so I did a reveiw of the series for New readers...

Bad DC :(

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wonder Woman Wednesday

What if Wondy was birthed in Ireland, not Greece?
Chalana87 of Deviantart thinks we'd have this:

That's a custom figure.  Wow.   You can see the full set here.
Chalana seems to do a lot of custom figures, there are other wonderful Donna Troy and Diana's on her page, as well as a Catwoman.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Gym, health, weight, food, body worries, nutrition, fat, muscle and me

OK so here I am trying to compose a post about the gym, health, weight, food, body worries, nutrition, fat, muscle and me.  In it I will talk about my diet, my dieting, my daily calorie intake, my exercise routine, my thoughts about measuring bodies in numbers and the diet industry.
If you feel this may trigger or upset you please click away now.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Nil comics

I bought no comics this week so I have no reviews.  Instead I am going through the boxes of comisc (all 5 of them!) that a friend gave me a while back and reading stuff from there.  I read Grendel: War Child yesterday which was great.  Read a Lords of Misrule and Challengers of the Unknown mini today.  Then started Morrison's JLA run (again).  I am not too enamoured with it (again).

I read 50 Shades of Grey last week and it's absolute shit.  It's a terrible romance, a terrible porn book and terribly written.  Grey is a controlling manipulative stalker, the story IS a story of domestic abuse, Ana can't and doesn't consent and the BDSM stuff is pretty light.  I'm pretty sure I've read blogs about how the BDSM in 50 Shades isn't true BDSM and I can well believe it.  It reads like someone's warped idea of it.

It's awful.  I am disgusted that this book is being marketed as acceptable porn for women.  It's awful.

If you don't know why the book is a domestic abuse story look at this website and this twitter.

I am also thinking about writing another update on my gym/diet progress. I am so near to my goal weight I sort of want to celebrate and I have lots and lots of thoughts about the dieting industry, calories and exercise, and support from others, but it seems a big topic to tackle.  I also need to do more New readers... reviews and get back to signing, but uhh, everything seems so big.  I'm not sure how to break everything down into manageable chunks.  Life seems full of work and gym at the moment, and worrying about weight. Anything else feels too big.

Anyway, I hope you are all well!

Thursday, May 23, 2013


I took part in a podcast on Sunday.  Naturally, it’s a comics podcast.  It’s called Radio Bamf and it’s now online at the following places:

We are arcade website -
(My episode is episode 13)
We talk about Thanos, Batman, Supergirl, Princeless, Wonder Woman, Age of Ultron, comic news from last week and good amalgams.  And probably more too.  I have no idea how I came across in this, I refuse to listen back to my own voice.  When I’m put in a public role I suffer from chronic under-confidence  after the event, so to my mind I did terrible and ruined it.  But that is not based in any reality, that’s just my brain telling me I’m an idiot (thanks brain).  I do know the other guys are entertaining and fer sure they know their stuff so go give it a listen, for them.
Give ’em a like/follow, whichever floats your boat.  Becky Cloonan is on it next week (episode 14) so you should def listen in for her!  The show is recorded every Sunday and published every Monday.
Thank you to the Bamf guys for inviting me, I had great fun :)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Comic reviews for comics bought on 18th May 2013

A-ha, I am up to date with reviews. I think.  Here goes thoughts on the following:
The Pride issues 1 and 2
Wonder Woman 20
Supergirl 20
Thor God of Thunder 8
Ultimate Comics Spider-man 23 (I swear we only just got the previous issue. I do not understand Marvel's shipping schedule)
FF 7
Fearless Defenders 4

Spoilers ahead.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Comic reviews from Free Comic Book Day, and probably before..

I am soooo behind.

Right, Free Comic Book Day.  I ended up going to 2 shops, one in Norwich, and Orbital in London as I was visiting the big smoke for the day to see a Deafinitely Theatre showcase.  The Theatre was amazing and all I can say is, you hearing folks are missing out.  I don't think think I have ever seen theatre this imaginative or this good.

Anyway comics.  I tend to pick up everything I can.  I got a hardcopy of Off Life which if you like indie street comics is well worth a look.  It's available online as well.
The Walking Dead completely failed to impress me.  I have no idea why this is so popular.
Superman: The Last Son of Krypton was a surprise, as it's a reprint of the first chapter from this trade, but the cover is of new 52 knickerless Supes.  What a bizarre marketing decision.
Action Labs' Molly Danger/Princeless was great fun but I am not convinced I want to buy Molly Danger.  Perhaps if I had a 10 yr old niece or nephew I'd get it for them, but it's not for me.
The Mouseguard sampler was wonderful and I am determined to put it on my pull list.  Every year I get the free copy and every year I enjoy it, yet never get round to ordering it.  For shame on me.

I also got Sesame Street/Strawberry Shortcake, Infinity and Uglydoll Comics.  I just can't work up the enthusiasm to read these.

In other non Free Comic Book Day purchases, I got:
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man 22 - AHHH MILES' MUM DIED!!  *sobs*  This comic is SO GOOD.
Animal Man 20 - this issue was a film plot that Buddy is starring in, about a superhero with family issues.  It echos Buddy's life.  It was unexpected.
Demon Knights 19 - Obviously I really enjoy this series so obviously it's not selling well and is being cancelled.  Damn it. I know DC are out to make money, but really, can't they also make sure they publish quality books too?  This issue has vampires and amazons.  What's not to love?
The Movement 1 - I thought I enjoyed this, then I finished it and thought about the indies I wanted to buy and realised I had no interest in this at all.  The art is nice though.
Princeless book 2; Get Over Yourself issue 2 - As ever this is great.  We get to see more of Adrienne's family and the other Knights, and there's a beard/moustache/dwarf joke.   Great.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Comic reviews from lord knows when

So I have a long list of comics, that I bought months ago, to review and I just don't think I can do it.  So to clear my conscience here is a list of what I have bought with just a few notes:

Smallville 32 to 43.  Ehh, I've really enjoyed all this but I can't recall details.  M'Gann M'orzz being introduced was fun.  I think there is a lot of Crisis stuff going on with alternate Earth Chloe.  Tbh I'm not entirely sure I've read issues 39 onwards.  I should remedy that.

Ame Comi Girls 22/23/24.  This is still brilliant.  This arc introduced Big Barda the space pirate.  Yes it is as fun as it sounds.

Civil War 1-7.  It was on sale at comixology so I bought it, and surprisingly, I quite enjoyed it. I'd heard mixed reviews, but thought it was pretty darn enjoyable

Black Panther Civil War 18-25.  Yeah so T'Challa is still the bees knees. Storm is in this one, she is equally good.  This story made me fall in love with Wakanda and the Wakandians a little bit more, and I hadn't thought that was possible.

Aquaman 17 and 18 and Justice League 17 and 18.  You know what, I have no idea what really happened in these.  I think it was the end of the Throne of Atlantis story and it was dull.  Vulko was the villain, which I think is a shame.  The Captain Marvel backups are still good.

I have a note that I bought Green Arrow 18, but i cannot remember anything about this, so maybe I haven't read it.  Perhaps I shall remedy that, not that I am in anyway excited by this series..

Friday, May 17, 2013

Abortion Support Network May newsletter

As usual, copied and pasted from their email.  Some format changes done by me so it reads better in blogger.
ASN May Newsletter: Spring into abortion access!
• A word from our director
• New ASN trustees
• Fundraising campaigns
• ASN in the news
• Women we’ve helped
• Minding ourselves

A word from our director
In April, ASN heard from 51 women, making April ASN’s busiest month ever. April included one week with contact from 26 women and another week with 21. In April last year we heard from 26 women. In April of 2010, we heard from nine. Those of you who have been reading these newsletters for some time will know that we are continuing to grow exponentially. We believe this is due to a combination of the economic situation in Ireland and Northern Ireland and ASN’s higher profile. We do the best that we can to help these women and families, but with calls per week hitting the 20+ mark, we are struggling to maintain the balance of raising funds, answering calls, and having the ability to provide compassionate, useful client care to women – all while working our day jobs. We thank you as always for your support, and we look forward to this exciting time of growth.

Introducing the new board!
ASN is super excited to introduce our new Board of Trustees! Following are short bios on the three new people who will be helping us as we grow:

Caroline Kelly was born in Dublin, but has lived in England for almost twenty years, Caroline is delighted to be joining ASN as a trustee. She very much hopes to be able to use her skills as a lawyer to contribute to the growing success of ASN over the next few years.

Jennifer Reiter is an American who has worked and volunteered in sexual and reproductive health care for over ten years. She currently works as a Sexual Health Projects Co-ordinator and has previously worked as a Trainer and Project Manager at Education For Choice, a charity dedicated to providing abortion and pregnancy decision-making education for young people and training for professionals. In the U.S., she was a reproductive rights advocate for chapters of Planned Parenthood in Wisconsin and Illinois.

A Dubliner living in England, Caoileann Appleby delighted to be joining the fantastic team at ASN as a Trustee. She hopes to use her skills as a professional nonprofit fundraiser to contribute to growing ASN over the next few years. You can follow her @Qaoileann if you’d like!

These lovely ladies will join Sarah Fisher and Carolyn Phillips, and of course your host, ASN Director Mara Clarke. The team will work with ASN’s volunteers and supporters to steer ASN through this incredible time of growth.

Fundraising activities
Thanks so much to everyone who donated to our recent fundraising campaign. Our mail out and social media push helped raise just over £800 for the women who continue to call ASN. If you missed the campaign, there’s never a wrong time to donate to ASN.
Run, ASN, Run!
ASN is excited that there are five women running the Flora Mini Marathon to support us. Heather, Noreen, Emma, Nick and Becca will be doing 10k on June 3rd to raise money for and awareness of our work. If you're in Dublin on the 3rd, please come cheer them on! Or sponsor one of the runners here. The team is also seeking someone who can give them a good deal on ASN-branded t-shirts, so if you know one, please contact
Are you a crafty one?
Every year ASN takes part in the National Network of Abortion Funds Summit. This year, NNAF is holding a craft auction. Monies raised will go to support NNAF and NNAF member funds, including, of course, ASN! If you are crafty and are interested in donating something for the auction, please email!

ASN in the News
Ireland agrees abortion bill: but only to save mother’s life, Channel 4 News, 1 May 2013. “It is a testament to how truly horrific the situation currently is for Irish women who have an unplanned pregnancy, that this proposed legislation is actually a victory,” said Mara Clarke, founder and director of the Abortion Support Network.

Irish government under pressure over abortion, Deutsche Well, Inside Europe Edition (English Language), 26 April 2013.

Women we’ve helped
In April, ASN heard from 51 women, our busiest month ever. This of course follows several other busiest months. We thank our fantastic phone team for their tireless efforts.

A young woman with health issues that meant she had to be seen in a hospital setting. We were able to help her find her way to this, including a grant and assistance in finding a place to stay near the hospital. "Thank you so much - I'm going to cry... I think you're wonderful".

A 25 year old mother of two whose partner left her three days after she found out she was pregnant.

A young mother of two who feels unable to cope, emotionally and financially, with another child.

A young woman studying for her A-levels who decided to access a safe medical abortion through

A mother who is an in-patient at a medical institution and is financially bereft. Her travel costs were covered as result of the staff where she is staying taking up a collection and ASN was able to help cover the cost of her procedure as well as arrange a host. "Thank you so much again. Really i could not have gone to uk until much later without your help. Thank you so so much. You have helped me so much and im so very very grateful for it. I will never forget this help."

A single mother with HIV and very limited English. We were able to fund the entire procedure for her.

A woman who has been in and out of refuges due to her unsupportive, abusive partner.

A migrant worker with limited English. We were able to help her afford the cost of the procedure.

A young mother surprised to find herself pregnant again despite using contraception and breastfeeding her young child.

A mother who has had a number of bereavements as well as in financial trouble. “I will be a one woman crusade after this, this country is in the dark ages about this, it is not a decision I am taking lightly, I am making the right decision for my beautiful, healthy, happy child. We have no money, barely have enough to eat.”

We thank these women and men for allowing us to share their stories.

Minding ourselves
In April, ASN director Mara Clarke was quite chuffed to be part of a panel discussion on the Impact of the Catholic Church on the Health of Irish People in London. Held at the House of Lords and organised by the group Mind Yourself (formerly the London Irish Women’s Centre), the event was an excellent opportunity for the panel and those in attendance to discuss a range of views. For more great events like this, follow Mind Yourself on Twitter!

Thank you again for all your support. Without you, we wouldn’t have been able to provide financial assistance, accommodation and confidential, non-judgemental information to many women who have contacted us for support.


Call +44 (0) 7897 611 593 or email

Abortion Support Network (ASN) is an all-volunteer charity that provides accommodation, financial assistance and confidential, non-judgemental information to women forced to travel from Ireland and pay privately for abortions in England. The cost ranges between £400 and £2000 depending on circumstance and stage of pregnancy. While other organisations campaign for law reform, ASN is the only group on record providing women travelling for abortions with the thing they need most immediately: money.

Registered Charity Number 1142120

Friday, May 10, 2013

1 week till my Race for Life!

This is another plea for sponsorship :)

In one week I will be walking the Race for Life, fundraising for Cancer Research UK.  I am really happy to say that I have reached my target of £250 but as they say, every penny counts, so I would be dead chuffed if I could raise a little bit more.

Please, please consider sponsoring me!  I have decided I am going to wear my Flash t-shirt :)  Also, because I have hit my target I'm sure you'll all be pleased to know that I will run the 10k next year! This will make wearing the Flash t-shirt a little more appropriate.

Please please consider sponsoring me. :)

Wednesday, May 01, 2013


Today is the 1st of May and known as Beltaine.  A lot of people will have celebrated yesterday, but I always celebrate on 1st May itself.

Today marks the coming of Summer, and it certainly feels like it's been a long time coming.  Last week I spent a few days abroad, on Monday when I left the UK barely any trees had budded.  When I came back on Friday the trees behind my garden had exploded into green leaf.  It was lovely.  Because everything is so late, I only took my Ostara decorations down last weekend.  Ostara symbolises rebirth, fertility and new growth but we had very little of that on the Spring equinox itself.

Beltaine is a cross-quarter day - the mid point between the Spring equinox and Summer solstice.  Beltaine is also a fertility festival but is also seen as being a big magic - fall asleep under a hawthorn tree on May eve and the fairies will take you ;)  I see it as a time to be lighthearted and have some fun.

It's dedicated to the God and Goddess in their guide as the Green Man and the May Queen.  Colours are green, orange and yellow.  Plants are honeysuckle, hawthorn, daisy, primrose and dandelion.  Animals are bees and butterflies.  Here is a poem about the Green Man I found somewhere:

Your eyes are dark as holly
Of sycamore your horns
Your bones are made of elder branch
Your teeth are made of thorns
Your hat is made of ivy leaf
Of bark your dancing shoes
And evergreen and green and green
Your jacket and shirt and trews

I think it has a nice cadence and great imagery.

Tonight we shall celebrate with, as ever, food.  I think we will have prawns fried in butter and garlic (for the fish eater), a soft boiled egg (for the vegetarian), asparagus with a bit of lemon, radish and butter, salad leaves and cucumber and some new potatoes.  Then I may make more lemon, honey and ginger biscuits.  If I can, I want to get some buttermilk, because I discovered it last week and it is pretty delicious!

Have a great Mayday everybody, and enjoy the new sun and warmth!