Wednesday, October 11, 2023

I finished The Walking Dead

And dear gods that was a chore.

First few seasons were good enough. Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes was mesmerising. Lauren Cohan as Maggie was really good and mesmerising as notBela Talbot.

It was getting dull by season 6, I only held on till 8 to watch JDM as Negan.  Negan turned out to be an utterly sociopathic maniac, and then hit a redemption arc that was thoroughly unsatisfying, because he had been so bloody awful. The show kept him on because JDM is popular.

As for the final season.....

Too many people.  Princess was underused.  Had enough stories of new communities being evil and failing.  They wait till the last two episodes to have the zombies evolve, climbing walls and using tools. Such a bloody waste.  Esp since it seemed we'd get more interesting zombies back when the whisperers were introduced. Judith's voiceovers for the last few eps were quite cringey.

The good things I can say are that they don't kill any babies or toddlers, ever, the survivors of the apocalypse are a nice diverse mix - gay people, women,many different races, and a native deaf ASL user, played by a Deaf, native ASL using actress. Connie and her sister Kelly are great.

However I ain't interested in watching a show with good rep when the story is crap.

It's just such an utterly miserable,negative story when over and over you get a group of good ppl getting fucked over by evil people.

So the end episode made it all seem happy with everyone settling at Alexandria, but it's such an obvious wrap-up episode it doesn't feel like a good story.

And that Michonne/Rick/whole group montage at the end? Come on.... It's so obviously set up for spin offs. Boring.