Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween/All souls day

Another year, another Halloween.  I'm coming to hate the festivals as they mark the passage of time.

This year I miss my uncle, my gran and my work friend.
But most of all I miss my son.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Well whaddya know, bras do wear in

I was all ready to write a furious and blistering post about how bras are really hard to fit and how it's infuriating when you think something fits in the shop and then you wear it for a day and it turns out it doesn't.

I bought 2 bras last week. A zebra print one and a leopard print one (my first in each print!!)  I got fitted in store, we'd decided on the sizes that fit me (one of them is a 30J...) and I took them home.
Wore the 30J (!!! I was expecting to come out with a 30HH at most!) the next day and within 2 hours the bit between my breasts was digging in.  It continued doing so the next few days I wore it.  This has happened before and I came to the conclusion that it's due to the difference in size between my breasts.

Having different sized boobs isn't unusual.  I'd say there's a 2 cup difference between mine.  Usually bra fitters fit to the larger size because if you don't you get that double boob/spillage effect on the larger one.  You do get some gaping on the cup on the smaller side, but this is at least hidden under clothes and you can't hide the spillage.

After having the wires dig into my sternum for a few days I decided that when the bra is fitted to my larger side the wires are much too big on my smaller side, hence the uncomfortable feeling and occasional pain.  I was pretty narked about this because having worn it for a few hours you can't take it back.  I planned to take the other, unworn one back, because I figured I'd have the same problem.

Lo and behold, I put the worn one on again yesterday to find I had no pain!  It appears to have worn in.  this had never happened before.  I'm amazed.  I'd heard some women talk about how they wear in bras but I'd scoffed at them and thought they were just wearing the wrong sizes.  Oops.  Sorry ladies.

Now I'm debating whether or not to take the leopard print one back or whether to keep it and hope that it also wears in...

Anyone else experienced this??

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wonder Woman Wednesday

Canary, Shiera and Peej (look in his shades) try to hold Di back, while Zee looks on aghast.
You can see the credit in the image.
This is reminiscent of this Barda and Plas sequence from JLA 33, written by Mark Waid:

I don't like this depiction of Plas.  It's creepy.

Wonder Woman Wednesday

A playful Wondy by Adam Hughes.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Comics do pregnancy and baby stuff

A while ago I asked if anyone knew of Superman titles which dealt with Ma and Pa Kent's infertility. A few people reminded me of Grant Morrison's Action Comics, issue 5, with a backup about their attempts at making a baby.

It's a good story. It feels real. You feel their love and their desperation. It's a serious issue not often talked about and this comics treats it with dignity and understanding. Because it's a Superman comic it has to tie in with the Kent's finding Superman and this is the one part which falls down, for me.
I think good fiction generally, and superhero comics in particular, should tell us something about our lives. They should reflect the important stuff and give us ways to deal with it,or gives us insights into other people's stories, other people's lives.

Superhero comics, with their good vs evil narratives and their subjects being people with amazing powers, have a really big mandate to talk to us about the important stuff. Not every single comic has to do this, comics about two people going shopping can also be fun, and there are issues which are just beat em ups. But unless these events acknowledge the wider picture - the cause they are fighting for,or the shoppers' characters, they become quite dull.

Back to Action Comics. Near the end of the backup a priest tells the Kent's that he thinks God has a plan for them.  Fast forward a few scenes and as they are driving home we see Clark's ship coming into land.

The IVF and infertility stuff was handled really well, but seeing Clark's ship come in kinda ruined it for me. I realise I'm more sensitive to this than most but for most of us, babies don't fall out of the sky. For those of us childless not through choice, saying that God has a plan for us is simply twisting the knife in further.   If God took our children from us on purpose he can go to hell. If the purpose is for us to have another child, well, that won't make up for the one we've lost.  Saying things like 'god has a plan' or 'people are only given what they can handle' is trite bullshit said by people who have no concept of real pain.

And that's where Action Comics 5 falls down for me. If they hadn't linked the priest's words with Clark's arrival I'd think it was fine. But to do so takes away from the real world themes of the previous story.  It makes me really really angry,

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Book review : The Mortal Instruments book 1 & 2

So the lovely Kariss sent me these 2 books as part of the equally lovely Char's blogger book swap.  I'd said I'd liked adult supernatural stuff so she got my tastes pretty right when she sent me these.
Spoilers ahead.

The front cover has an endorsement by Stephanie Meyer which sets the the tone for this series. If you like Twilight you'll prolly like these. It's about a teenager called Clary who finds herself part of an underground world of magic, werewolves, vampires, demons and demon hunters. Clary thinks she's plain looking, but clearly is very pretty. She's also clumsy and has two other teenage boys lusting after her. The magic boy is snooty, dangerous, unbelievably beautiful and a bit of a rude prick, if I'm honest.  The other boy is a regular mortal and has been her friend since they were toddlers.  Sound familiar? It should do!

This book is riding hard on the coattails of Twilight. Having said that, it is pretty enjoyable, in a trashy way. I like trash, I loved twilight. Both series are good escapist rubbish.

These books are better written than Twilight, the prose is better, but they aren't as engrossing, somehow Twilight plot was more gripping. Clary is also more three dimensional than Bella, as are the rest of the characters.  There are plot twists in here that I genuinely didn't see coming, and there are plot twists I did see coming, a mile off.

The love triangle is a bit odd. The set up doesn't make you particularly support either boy, and then it's revealed that Clary and magic boy are siblings, yet they still clearly want to do each other.  This is odd because the book presents it as forbidden love but in the same way that other books say a fella from the wrong side of town is forbidden. It's weird. The book doesn't seem to acknowledge how creepy an incestuous romantic relationship is.  It's touched on, but it's not really felt throughout the pages.  Part of me suspects that this is because magic boy is clearly not really a blood relation of Clary, but is actually an elf. NB: by the end of book 2 this hasn't been confirmed, but it's fairly obvious it will be a book 3 reveal.

Now, love triangles and love anguish in YA fiction are usually there so readers can empathise with the heroine and the situation.  But why would a teenager want to fantasise about a forbidden love forbidden because the hot boy is your blood brother?? It's weird!  I'd be really interested to know what teen girls thought of this.  Maybe the writer wanted to rival Twilight's creepy love story (the baby and the werewolf imprinting on each other - less creepy than it sounds, but still an odd choice for the plot).

The other odd thing about the book is the introduction of magic boy and his two friends.  Considering we are meant to be rooting for these guys, their first scene paints them as bullying murderers.  We later find out they aren't really murderers as they are killing demons, but the whole bully thing is not really addressed.  I thought of Buffy when I was reading this.  Buffy explicitly tackled the joy-in-killing-demons thing and decided it was Not Good. This series, so far doesn't.

Now, I don't want my texts of choice to be morally 'correct', and I am quite happy being challenged, but I'd like them to tackle  the dodgy stuff, to be aware of it, and not just ignore them (unless that's a major theme of the book).  In this case it just reads like shallow writing.  All surface and no feeling.  Maybe not quite as bad as that.

So, it's a fun couple of books, set in a daft supernatural world, with ridiculous plots and odd choices in relationships.  Nonetheless it's a nice easy way to pass the time.  I shall be passing these on to a friend of mine who I am sure will get some trashy enjoyment out of them.

FWIW, my thoughts on Twilight (and The Hunger Games) are here.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

From pregnancy to post-natal: Energy levels and bodies

I have always considered myself a tired person. I have always complained that I'm tired, that I don't want to stand up any longer, that I need more sleep. It got worse in my first trimester so I started taking iron tablets at around 12 weeks, and I perked right up.  As my baby grew I got progressively more tired, until I was absolutely shattered for the last few weeks. Pregnant readers - go on maternity leave at 34 weeks, don't wait till 37, it's hard work!
I went back to work a month ago and you'd think I would again be knackered. But I'm not. I have energy. I don't want to go bed at 9.30 or 10 every night. I can do things. And I can focus!  I can work and make decisions! I guess baby brain is a real thing after all.  It's odd how things sneak up on you. I didn't notice my sluggishness when pregnant,and now with this extra energy that doesn't waver my life feels even more surreal.

 I'm also slightly anemic, so I figure if I start taking iron tablets I'll be bouncing off the walls.

I sit here, at the doctor's surgery, with my arms resting on my flesh and my belt, and for the life of me I still feel pregnant. I feel this bulk of flesh that I associate with pregnancy.  I remember it took me a while to feel like I had a proper bump, a full on expanding outwards big pregnant belly, and I was, of course, much bigger than I am now, and differently shaped.
Yet now, I sit here and I rest my arms on my sides and I feel pregnant. I wonder if other post natal women feel the same or if it's a feeling experienced only by those who have lost their babies.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wonder Woman Wednesday

I recognise this artists but can't remember the name.  Anyone got any ideas?

Monday, October 20, 2014

DC's My First Book of Girl Power

I am absolutely thrilled! DC are starting to publish more books for little kids. They aren't quite comics, but that doesn't bother me.  I saw this on the Women Write About Comics website and promptly told various twitter friends about it.

Here's some picture samples:

Isn't is great? Here we have something for little girls, that isn't pink (ignore the cover, it;s not fully pink!), that doesn't patronise them, that celebrates them and teaches them they are worthy. The art is gorgeous stock art from the 70s so there's no issues with the characters being sexy.  Here we have an educational book saying that girls are heroes. This is amazing!

I've pre-ordered 3 copies - one for nw, one fir my 2 and a half year old niece and one for my friends' daughters - aged 2 and 5.  Both UK and US Amazon stores have it available.

Earlier this week I'd seen DC's Busy Bodies, which I have also ordered. I'm not sure what age is it aimed at but samples from inside show that it's DC characters talking g about what they use parts of the bodies for, e.g. Aquaman uses his arms to swim. So I'm guessing it's for a young kid, maybe toddlers.  When I get it I will review it.  Here are some samples:


I am so pleased that DC is now doing this sort of thing. I can't help but wonder if this means they might reprint their super dictionary. You can read the whole thing on a tumbl here, but I really want a physical copy.  Having said that, I did just find this - is it the same thing?  How exciting!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Clothes and stuff

A little while ago I was blathering about how to make a casual Wonder Woman costume.  I am now really nearly rely ready to learn how to use my sewing machine - I have a friend coming over next weekend to teach me and everything.

I want to know how to use my sewing machine for two reasons.
- To be able to make costumes. These would be for cons and for everyday casual costumes. I'd like to be able to amend my Aquaman costume so I could wear it while not pregnant. I'd like to customise a red vest so it becomes a Cassandra Sandsmark vest.

- To have clothes that fit me and that I can get fairly easily. Before getting pregnant I was an hourglass shape.  This makes it really hard to find clothes that fit, because I have large breasts, wide hips and a small waist and apparently clothes designers can't cope with this. Bugger off clothes designers.

Post pregnancy I am more pear shaped, because like every other mother my middle has puddled into pudding. I suspect that given time, exercise and a less cake filled diet my pudding will reduce but I won't ever be a pure hourglass shape again. This is fine, I'm not complaining and I don't for one second regret getting pregnant.

On my way down to reduced pudding status I am somewhat limited in my clothes that fit me.  Clearly I don't want to wear maternity clothes. Equally I don't want to buy lots more new clothes.
This is my wardrobe and contains everything that fits me and some that doesn't:

(Note: needs more leopard print)

I have lots of colour. Most of my tops and skirts are colourful and patterned so nothing matches and my jeans are too small for me. So today I went and bought a black Lycra miniskirt. I bet some people would think it isn't appropriate for a 34 year old mother, but to them I say bugger off. I like tight clothes. I like short skirts.

Where am I going with this post? I don't know. I think that I will take photos of stuff I do make and blog them.  I would like to paint batwoman symbols on my leather gloves but I don't know how to do this.

I want to blog about stuff that interests me and over the last few months I've lost interest in comic reviews. I want to concentrate my reviewing on new readers stuff, not the regular weeklies. Although I might occasionally have thoughts on them. This post was inspired by me wanting to do a public picture of my wardrobe, and I have no idea why I wanted to do that.

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

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