Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Supernatural Season 6 episodes 7 - 9

Episode 7 - Family Matters
I wasn't going to watch this because the blurb indicated it was a Grandpa Samuel heavy ep.  When I flicked ep 8 the catchup scenes showed the reveal of Soulless, so back I went to Family Matters.
This ep is worth it for the reveal of Soulless, and for the reveal of Crowley being the boss of Grandpa Samuel.  And therefore the boss of the boys.

I still do not care for the alphas (I'm banging the same drum in every write up aren't I, how dull), but I suppose I should note that this is the ep where the bros find out that Samuel is looking for the location of purgatory, as it turns out, on behalf of Crowley.  And Sam tells Grandpa Samuel that Dean has buggered off.  Sam is lying.

Cas is being an utter dick in this season.  I'm remembering that he is in league with Crowley and it's just a  really really dire plot.

Episode 8 - All Dogs Go To Heaven
A bro-centric episode, hoorah, with more frigging alpha bullshit, booo.
Skinwalkers disguised as dogs are infiltrating family homes in order to turn the families when the time is right.
Notable things (thing?) is that Sam acknowledges how being Soulless means he doesn't care about anything, but that he would like to try to be the old Sam again, with Dean's help.

I feel like these recaps are getting briefer and briefer as I care less for the episodes.  Maybe at the end of this season I'll write a list of episodes that are worth rewatching.

Episode 9 - Clap your hands if you believe
This one is excellent!  Great comedy from the brothers and an appearance from Voyager's Doctor.
The boys discover fairies.  Dean gets abducted, possibly services Oberon, then back home sees a tiny naked fairy and exclaims 'nipples!', before frying it in a microwave.  Sam can't see the fairies (because he hasn't been abducted by them) and acts with far less morals and ethics and ensouled Sam does.
Go to the SPN wiki for this ep to read an example of the dialogue -
Honourable mention should also go to the opening credits, a pastiche of The X-Files opening credits.
This is a fun ep and and example of SPN being great.

Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Supernatural season 6 - eps 2 to 6

Woah.. new blogger interface... This is bizarre.  Lots of white space.  Have they taken a leaf out of Ravelry's book? I hope not.

Episode 2 - Two and a Half Men
Babies are going missing, the boys rescue one.  The kid turns out to be a shapeshifter, demonstrated when he changes from a white kid to a black kid.  That scene is pretty good.
Grandpa Samuel decides to raise the baby as a hunter.  No no no, stupid idea.  dean isn't impressed.  IIRC Sam doesn't argue much. Because Soulless.
Dean is uncomfortable with Ben and Lisa going out alone - that's the domestic shit I want to see more of.
The shapeshifter after the baby is an alpha shifter, which is what I don't want to see more of.
The episode ends with Lisa telling Dean to go hunt and come back to her and Ben between hunts.

The opening credits show Dean having a happy home life.  It's a brilliant set of scenes.  Domesticity storylines have always been appealing to me, I like seeing superheroes on downtime, doing day to day stuff.  Dean is trying to keep Ben naive and safe - protecting his family at all costs.  he is a bubble of panic - he wants to protect his family but he can't do that and give them a normal life.  I see parallels with covid-19.  Dean is driven by fear and he is so used to Sam being on the same page as him and obeying him, he is thrown when Lisa and Ben don't.

I noticed that Soulless puts his rubbish in the bin.  That was surprising...

On the baby, they seem to have the baby for a long time without it crying with hunger.  I am not impressed.  Then when it does cry in the supermarket Dean picks him up and just mock cries/yells back at him.  I found that scene really uncomfortable.  It's a real baby, someone comfort the poor thing.

Gwen Campbell looks like Sigourney Weaver.

Episode 3 - The Third Man
This is ace.  The skin is peeling off a copper and then he collapses into goo. Nice.
We then move to a scene where Sam has hired a sex worker, and the episode shows her nearly forgetting payment and offering to meet Sam on her day off, because Sam is just that good in bed.  i cannot roll my eyes hard enough.  Sex workers don't do that, if they did they would be out of a job.  
It's impressive how much Soulless wants Dean around.

The monster of the episode is not a monster. Someone has hold of the Staff of Moses and is using it to visit biblical plagues on people - river of blood, plague of boils, plague of locusts.
Castiel helps them find the person responsible - a black kid who's father was killed by cops who first planted a gun in his car then shot him. So, topical.  I'm with the kid on this tbh.

Cas performs a quite frankly horrific ritual on the kid which Dean objects to but Sam is happy with. I am very uncomfortable that they are harming an innocent kid, and that afterwards they leave him in the hotel to be found by cops.  The same cops who framed and murdered his Dad.  There is no way that kid is getting home safely.  Castiel, you are a cock.

It turns out another angel Balthazar, a very attractive angel I'll have you know, gave the staff of Moses to the kid in exchange for his soul. And suddenly I remember where this season is going. Sigh.  Frigging angel war leading up to the bloody stupid Leviathan plot, via Raphael who wants the Apocolypse to happen.  This feels like seriously lazy writing.

Dean confronts Soulless about how he is acting.

Episode 4 - Weekend at Bobby's
Another good episode.  Less infuriating than episode 3.
Bobby summons Crowley who refuses to give Bobby his soul back.  Crowley is stuck in a devils trap because somehow the demons always walk into the correct floor space. Sigh.  Crowley threatens Bobby with his pet hellhound and Bobby lets him go.
This ep really shows how vital Bobby is to the other hunters.  He helps Sam'n'Dean on a case, chews them out for being selfish assholes, helps Rufus destroy a monster, deals with his next door neighbour hitting him, puts a fancy pants cop off his scent, tortures a demon for Crowley's weak spot, summons the spirit of Crowley's son and sends the boys to Scotland to dig up Crowley's bones and finds out Crowley is the king of hell now.  Crowley is a shit king by the way.

I don't like the son of Crowley gubbins.  It's bollocks.

Ooh, super wiki tells me Jensen Ackles directed this ep.  He did good.

Episode 5 - Live Free or Twihard
This episode is important because Sam lets Dean be turned by a vampire.  Dean gets cured, but it's confirmation for Dean that there is something desperately wrong with Sam.  There's too much Grandpa Samuel in this ep for me.
Dean comments on a terrible vampire romance book cover calling it rapey, then takes up the same position in Lisa's bedroom.  In his defence he had gone there to say goodbye, but obvs he fanged up, shoved Ben and made Lisa very angry.
Dean and a wannabe vampire lad have a good back and forth about the value of glitter when hitting on women.

Episode 6 - You can't handle the truth
This is an excellent truth serum episode.  It's Veritas, the goddess of truth in play.  Veritas reveals that Sam is not human and Dean forces an explanation out of Sam, who claims that he knows he's wrong but he doesn't know why.  So Dean lamps him 14 times.  Mature.
This ep is important in the discovery of What Is Wrong With Sam.  Well worth rewatching.