Thursday, November 23, 2023


 4 weeks since my surgery. Healing going well.

Chronically understimulated. Going to a textile art exhibition now, with a new friend.  Nervous. 

Utterly bored with doing the same things in the city for years on end, yet apprehensive and scared about doing new things. Hobbies and telly at home are driving me spare, craving seeing new people, yet also want leaving alone in peace and quiet.

Am preparing conversation topics in my head and thinking how to mentally prepare myself for a busy building, with loud talking and potentially no areas to sit down. Whilst also wanting new experiences.

Listening to music to regulate myself, and brought spinning to do in a cafe first. Also have PTerry's autobiography to read, but am concerned about it leaving me emotionally open and overwhelmed, even though I'm otherwise feeling numb and stuck.

I swear to gods, autism and ADHD can be a terrible combination.

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