Saturday, August 26, 2023

The Walking Dead

 Started watching this. Many years late, obvs, because I'm still utterly bloody minded and won't watch something everyone else is raving about. That, and I didn't care much for the comics.

Anyway. My Supernatural obsession is still alive and kicking, and I heard Jeffery Dean Morgan is in TWD so I looked it up.

JDM doesn't turn up till season 7.  However, Andrew Lincoln is the lead. Lincoln will always be Egg from This Life to me, so it's well eerie to watch him with an American accent. Much like discovering Lovejoy playing Odin.

Now on Se4 and they've got a plague. Did everything predict the fucking pandemic??!! 

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Simon B ( formerly cerebus660 ) said...

TWD ( TV version ) was always hit-or-miss, with a *lot* of filler, but the good stuff is really good. I struggled with Andrew Lincoln at the start, after seeing him in British shows such as Teachers and Afterlife, but now I really think of him as Rick Grimes and almost forget he's a Brit ;-)
If you stick with the show, there are more great British actors playing Americans to come: David Morrissey ( is he in S4? ), Lennie James reappearing now and again, and the wonderful Samantha Morton.