Thursday, June 24, 2021

My Bloody Valentine 2009 live blog

I am watching the 2009 horror film starring Jensen Ackles, feeding my uber crush on him and my SPN obsession.

I am suffering cognitive dissonance through the name of the film and the setting. It's in a bleeding mine. It feels strange because there's really nowt valentiney about it.

There's a nice level of ridic horror gore - eyeball destruction and shovels through necks et cetera.  It's weird seeing a young Ackles. Weird seeing him not playing Dean. 

Oh my gods why is the copper leaving the kid in the house with the serial killer?! 

I'm sure by now in a movie we usually know more about the murderer's motivation...

Oh great, some classic blaming of the psychologically unwell. Jeez. That should tell you the purported good guy is a bad guy. At least it would in non movie land.

I tell you what, I'm not feeling particularly invested in the storyline here. So many questions unanswered. Why did Warden go on a killing spree? How did Tom decide Axel is the killer? Is the lead character Axel or Tom? Who am I rooting for?! Maybe there are two killers... Maybe it's Tom... 

Oh it is Tom, but he doesn't know he's doing it. There were not enough hints leading up to this to make it scary! 

I am well up for watching Ackles play dangerous guys. There's not enough scenes of him being dangerous in this...and not enough of him being bruised and bloody. Although the very last scene is rather hot. 

Speaking of obsessions, I was rewatching Buffy eps last week.  Man, they are still SO good.  Especially the musical one.

I finished my SPN Se1 - 14 rewatch a month or so ago.  I'm not quite strong enough to watch Se15 again.  The rewatch face me a better handle on how the seasons flow, and now I'm itching to rewatch specific eps. 

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