Saturday, November 28, 2020

Supernatural Season 3 - Episodes 14 to 16

Since the end of SPN I have been inspired to plan an SPN themed scarf.  Deffo a scarf and not a shawl, because scarves are more hunter-y.  To do this, quite possibly immense project, I need to finish my episode recap so I know what themes and events to include.  So, I opened up this draft and see that there are 18 words in it. Damn.  Better get writing again then, eh.

Ep 14 - Long Distance Call
This was about a Crocotta who lures victims in by pretending to be a a dead person over the phone.  I think there were some good scenes but it is mostly forgettable.

Ep 15 - Time is on My Side
Ahh, this is super creepy.  Doc Benton is a Dr Frankenstein type character, who is stealing people's vital organs to secure him everlasting life.  Sam tracks him down to use his knowledge to save Dean.  Oh Sammy...  Dean refuses.
We discover Bela has also done a crossroads deal, and is waiting for a hellhound to come and take her.  It's implied that her father sexually abused her when she was a teen, but it's that sort of coded menacing scene that doesn't really tell you anything.  Weird, because I wouldn't have thought this show would shy away from stuff like that.
Bela tells Dean that a demon named Lilith holds both their contracts.

Good ep.

Ep 16 - No Rest for the wicked
The absolute highlight of this ep is Dean's terror when the hellhounds get him, and his anguished cry for Sam when he's in hell.
There's other good stuff - Lilith as a creepy child and her family's terror, Dean's hallucinations, Bobby's declaration that family don't end with blood.  Lilith (in Ruby's meatsuit) tries to kill Sam but her demon powers don't work on him.  The song in the car - Wanted Dead or Alive - is a wonderful brothers moment.

Another great finale.