Friday, October 23, 2009

Nick Griffin thinks London has undergone an ethnic cleansing. Has it bollocks.

The British National Party, or BNP (fascist right wing racist organisation) was on Question Time last night.
Question Time is a UK show put on by the BBC where politicians from varying parties are invited on to debate the issues of the day.  Since the BNP have an MEP they were invited on.  More on the ethics of this later.  I am watching it a day late on the iplayer, and having read stuff about it earlier today I am rather revulsed.  Apparently Mr Griffin (BNP leader) thinks that London has been subjected to ethnic cleansing, presumably because it's not all white and he has to see asian, indian and black faces when he leaves his house.  I rather think he should look up the meaning of the phrase.  Make no mistake, he is a racist fascist following nazi ideals and the BNP are a very dangerous party.
I assume my UK readers are all well aware of this event, but I feel my foreign readers should also be made aware.

Here follows a live blogpost of his appearence on Question Time.

Jack straw (Labour) states first of all that the BNP is a party based on race.  Good for him
I love Jack Straw.
If Churchill didn't like immigrants or muslims that doesn't make the BNP OK.
I like the audience.  A lot.
Saying you don't have a conviction for holocaust denial doesn't mean you never denied it.  Prick
I love Bonnie Greer.
And Chris Hulne.
I really don't understand how people can hate others that much - how can you loathe someone based on their skin colour?  It's inconceivable to me.  I (unfortunately) understand unintentional racism, it's tied up with privilege, it's tied up with being part of an overwhelmingly white and racist society.  Now that don't make it right, which is why I try damn hard to overcome any internalised prejudice I have.  But I really don't understand this vicious hate people have.
Saying Nazis hate you doesn't prove you aint one.  Ugh, you were on a video with the had of the KKK.  Apparently the head of a 'non violent one'.  Ugh Ugh Ugh.
Oh god, I'm sickened.  He won't explain why he's allegedly changed his mind about holocaust denial.
Have you guys ever been to Auschwitz or the other holding or concentration camps?  They're hideous.
Don't you dare pull the women's rights crap.
There is nothing Christian about his values.
OK I like tory lady now.  A lot.
Shit, this audience is good.
OK, now Jack Straw is being a bit of a prat over an immigration questioon.  So's the tory lady.
Tory lady is Sayeeda Warsi.  Maybe she's not a prat.
One lady has made a distinction between Afro-Carribean and African-Carribean.  I'm ashamed to say i;ve never thought of the use of the Afro-Carribean before.  Mind you, in my work sector we tend to use the phrase BME communities - Black and minority ethnic communities.  When we break down ethnicity we use Black British, Black African, Black Carribean etc.  That's dictated to us by the requirements of our funding bodies, usually local government or regional authorities.
Bollocks you think skin colour is irrelevant.
Shit, you just said America Red Indian.  Prick.
Ahh my god white people are not discriminated against in this country!  There is no black conspiracy.  You fucker.
Us white folks are not subject to an ethnic genocide.  Fucker.
Oh gods I love Bonnie Greer.  Giving Griffin a history lesson, hurrah!  She's deputy chair of the British Museum and has invited him along to have a lesson or two.
Yep, send Griffin to the colourless landscape of the South Pole.  I wholeheartedly concur.
Yep, go tory lady.  Too right there's no such thing as a bogus asylum seeker.
What the fuck is wrong with change?
A ha! A question on whether Jan Moir's article should have been published.
Bonnie Greer reminds me of BSG President lady.
Oh there's a surprise.  Tory lady is homophobic.  And a liar.  Don't like her anymore.  And she's the shadow minister for community cohesion!!  What, are non hetero folks not part of the community?
Oh Fuck You Nick Griffin.  Fuck you.
Being homophobic is not 'the way it is'.  Oh, the militant gays can't preach homosexuality to schoolchildren can they?  It's perverse is it?  Fuck you.
The Labour party has done more for gay rights than any other party.  They may have a lot of other things wrong with them, but they have done a lot for the likes of me.
Oh.  He thinks the BBC is an unpleasent ultra leftist institution.  And he's shaking. Good.
Oooh, Jacqui Smith is on next week.

Oh my god he's such a total cunt.  And there's not a signed version of the show???**

Arggh.  Now I feel unclean.  As to whether he should have been allowed on it or not.
Unfortunately the BNP do have a member of the European Parliament in place.  Which menas they have a 'right' to be on Question Time. Because they are a 'legitimate' political party.  I don't understand how they are legal, and I think it's very well saying that oh well Griffin has now shown himself up, but we can say that because we're all naturally left wingers anyway. 
I did have some more in depth thoughts about this, but my recall and brain power has now failed.  So instead, visit Deeplyflawedbuttrying.  She says it much better than I could.

If you want to view the programme you can find it here.  It will be available for the next 7 days.

**I take it back.  It maybe be available later, but it needs to be broadcast and signed first


James Ashelford said...

Its always nice watching bastards quake in their boots, their arguments dismantled, their bastardy exposed to the world.

The non-violent KKK? Its like imagining the militant wing of Help The Aged.

The Igloo Keeper said...

To me the bottom line was whether the BBC should have allowed him on in the first place, and I dont think tey should. It wasnt like they were facing a legal challenge from the BNP or anything like that was it? Once they agreed to have him on, the rest was pretty inevitable and although myself and everybody else in their right minds saw what an absolute idiot Griffin is, those that feel inclined to support him and his party's hateful policies would have found much to crow about.

So yeah, bollocks to the BBC.

PS Come into my igloo

notintheface said...

Remember how I asked you to run the Green Arrow scan so I could crop Hal yelling "What makes you so goddamned special?"? (Thanks, BTW.) This Nick Griffin is the type I intended that for. I also used to have a scan of Livia Soprano (Tony's mom on the early "Sopranos") under whose picture I would put the words "OH, POOR YOU!" for the same types of people.

Ooh, he has to see (shudder!) PEOPLE OF OTHER RACES?? My heart bleeds.

Saranga said...

@ the igloo keeper: Nice to have you hear. I mentioned in the post after this that the BBC feared that they would be at risk of getting dragged through the courts by the BNP, if they didn't let them on the programme between now and the next election.

I wonder if maybe they thought it would be best to have him on now, rather than a month before the general election as that could have resulted in the BNP getting some seats in the Commons. I'm hoping their support will have died down between now adn the election, but that's probably pure wishful thinking on my part.

@notintheface: Yep, those scans would work well for this occurence.