Saturday, May 12, 2007

That MJ statue...

Yeah, so there's been posts all over the internet about that new MJ statue, you can view it on the Digital Femme blog, which includes a link to the art it was based on.
I don't think I've ever before given my comments about the latest furore on the 'net, but this time I thought I had something to add. So here goes.

I don't like the statue, MJ's proportions are off, it looks weird. I like it even less when you get the 360 degrees photos. When people have commented that it's bad art, I have agreed. It's rather odd that of all the things to produce a statue of, they've produced one of MJ doing Peter's laundry. It can definitely be read as a woman's place is in the home, looking after her man. I don't like that.

However, I also think that I've done hand washing in my fancy clothes before. I've also done hand washing in tracky bottoms and baggy t-shirts before. It depends on what I'm wearing at the time. So I can totally buy that MJ is doing handwashing in pearls, a thong, tight-ass jeans and a plunging top. If that's what she was wearing anyway that day. And you know, she's a top model right, she wears stuff like that. I'd be surprised if anyone changed clothes just to do the handwashing.
Maybe she'd just doing him a favour handwashing the suit. Maybe the washing machine has broken.
I can also buy that she's in that cheesecakey provocative pose. Maybe Spidey has just walked in and she's flirting with him, and has arched herself just for a second. Hell, I do that for my boyfriend all the time.
So maybe it's not so bad.

But then again, I notice the height of the bucket; she'd have to be bent down all the time to use that. Or realistically sitting down, or kneeling. She's a tall lady, she will get backache bending down for too long. Especially with breasts (trust me, I know about large boobs).
Actually, realistically, she'd be doing the washing in a sink.

And MJ is a tough independent woman. Why not put her in a pose that reflects that? Unless they were going for the flirty tease Peter thing, and think it's an independent woman controlling her sexuality or something.

Then I remember that it's probably designed for fanboys to wank over.
And I think of all the other superhero statues made.
And I sigh and remember that the site producing this has removed all the comments complaining about the statue, and left the comments praising it.
And the statue is apparently already sold out.
And I realise again that this statue is a by-product of all the sexism in society.

I rather like Digital Femme's idea of adding a second statue "featuring Peter Parker wearing a towel and Spider-Man booties while grinning sheepishly". That would work.

For lots more links to other blogs discussing this have a peek at When Fangirls Attack.

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