Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Supergirl telly show

I've just seen news that Calista Flockhart is going to be playing Cat Grant on the Supergirl telly show.
I don't think I like this.  I hated Ally McBeal.  Hopefully Flockhart has more range than I saw on that godawful show.  I don't know the other actresses thus far named for the show so have no opinions on them.

I can tell you that I listened to last week and episode 2, discussing the film, was delightful.

On a related note (ish), I found out that the Wondy film starts filming later this year.  Hurrah!  I think I want to start reinstating my Wonder Woman Wednesday/Super Sexy Saturday/Super Silly Sunday posts.  I just need to time to locate and blog all the images I've got saved on tumblr and twitter.

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