Friday, February 20, 2015

Pregnancy after stillbirth: 11 weeks 1 day

I'm hacked off and emotional and have had a terrible few days. Long rant about thrush coming up.

At the end of my pregnancy with C (late May) I mentioned to the midwife that my bits had started itching. She said it was probably thrush and told me to go get canestan, which I did. It didn't help (but I may not have used it for long enough). I then noticed the itching again a couple of weeks after I had C, so mentioned it to my GP at my post natal check up, she prescribed the oral canestan assuring me that if it was thrush this would kill it.  It didn't work.

I saw another doctor (who was bloody awful) who checked me, didn't think it was thrush and prescribed me E45 moisturising cream and wash. This didn't work.

I saw another doctor (much better) she checked me, thought it was probably thrush, but maybe not. The itching is on the outside, not the inside. She prescribed me mild canestan cream to take for a week to break the itch/scratch cycle and said to come back if it didn't work. It worked for about 3 days, but as soon as I stopped the cream it kept itching.

I went to see another doctor, who didn't check me, because I couldn't face it, told me it was probably thrush, prescribed me stronger canestan cream (that is safe to take while pregnant) to break the itch/scratch cycle and said to come back if it didn't work. I was blissfully itch free whilst using the cream. the day after I stopped it came back.

I booked a Dr's appointment today to get a referral to a gynaecologist after a friend told me that perma thrush exists. I got there to find the nurse had changed the appointment to see her, not the doctor, as thrush isn't a Dr's job, queue me telling her I'm pregnant and she being interested and excited and me having to explain my history as I didn't like the way the conversation was going.  She checked me, said the discharge looked like thrush but the red area doesn't and took a swab. She told me that stopping the creams can make it itch more as your body reacts to not having the cream.

She referred me back to reception for a Dr's appt there and then.  I saw the Dr (a good one), said I have my 12 week scan and consultant appointment next week and will be seeing my obstetric gynaecologist consultant then and she said he can probably treat it.  If she were to make a referral it could take weeks. So I see the consultant next week, hope he'll check out my bits and if not I ring my GP again and she'll refer me through to another gynaecologist.

I'm fed up. I'm fed up of itching, I'm fed up of Drs telling me different things, I'm concerned that it's not thrush and it's some other horrible disease.  I don't think I can manage holding another funeral.  I hate this I hate this I hate this.

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