Thursday, February 19, 2015

Pregnancy after stillbirth: 9 weeks 4 days

I'm definitely showing.  I can still pass as just a bit fat, but a lot of my clothes are def too tight.  It's a tiny bump but it's there.  I'm back to wearing fat green jeans again and my lycra skirt.  Classy.  Not really suitable for work.  I don't like things resting on my belly now.  Since it is actually my stomach there it's quite uncomfortable.

Bought a fat dress yesterday which will be quite unflattering but should hide the burgeoning belly for another couple of weeks.  Also went into Mothercare to buy some maternity trousers.  It was a horrible horrible experience.  Don't do it, just don't.

I don't think I'm ever going to get properly sore boobs.  No problem there.  Nipples are sensistive enough as it is.
I woke up properly hungry this morning.  Really seriously hungry.  Also thirsty but don't like water.  I'll keep drinking squash.  It's one way to get liquids into me.

I realised why I'm not getting cramps - this is a second pregnancy and everything is already stretched.  It's easier for it to expand.

Pilates is hard.  The legs up into tabletop positions are hard, the head and legs up are nigh on impossible.

I want to look in the What to Expect book to compare my symptoms but I hate looking in it because it's so bloody optimistic and cheery.  Eff you What to Expect.

Seeing the new midwife on Monday.  I'm scared. I think she'll think it's my fault.  She'll be secretly blaming me.

Eff this shit.

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