Friday, February 20, 2015

Jason Momoa as Aquaman image released.. hnnggghhhhhh

Oh ye gods....
I don't think I can stand properly...
I have a weakness for superhero beefcake.  You may have noticed.  I've never seen Game of Thrones.  I have no idea what Momoa is like in that.  I don't really have much interest in seeing it either, not even to check Momoa out.  I'd rather just see him as Aquaman.

If we can get away from my loins for a moment or two let's talk about this image.
He's not blonde.  He's got light streaks, but he's not blonde.  I don't care. He's beardy.  That's a major plus in my book.

He looks fierce, and dangerous, and not to be messed with.  That's entirely right.   He's the king of a nation, a monarch who leads his people into war.  He should look tough.  The Atlanteans aren't a warrior nation like the Themscyrians (which I can never spell right), but they have a formidable army and unlike our real world cultures the King and Queen are at the frontline of all battles.  So they've reflected that, and that's great.

The trident looks nice.  Not a traditional design, but it's good.  The minimal armour is nicely designed.  The tattoos are a good touch too.   We don't normally see his highness with tattoos, but they suit Momoa and we all know the Man of Steel DC Universe is very different from the comics, so that's cool by me.  I don't care that it's not orange and green.

Now the phrasing.  I'm a sucker for impassioned slogans.  I like the choice of font and the way it's emblazoned over Momoa's body language, looking like he's going to rip you to shreds if you try and mess with him.  It's inspiring.  I first thought that the Seven referred to the Justice League.  As in he'll bring them together.  Somewhere online think it refers to the seven seas, but that's daft, because he's already monarch of the seas.   I think the slogan means that the studio is uniting the key seven League members, or that Arthur has a pivotal role to play in getting the League formed.  He was a founder member after all.

All in all, good work Movie studio people.  That image is cool as all heck.  Hnnnggghhh.


Shelly S said...

He first caught my attention in Stargate: Atlantis, and yes, he was wonderful in Game of Thrones. But aside from looking fantastic as Aquaman, the thing that really matters is that he's a good actor. I had no interest in the movie, until he was cast.

Saranga said...

I'll take your word on his acting skills :)

I'm just assuming that all the actors can act.