Friday, February 20, 2015

Pregnancy after stillbirth: 14 weeks 0 days

OK. So I'm at 14 weeks.  This means that whatever happens I am going to be delivering an actual baby.  If the baby dies tomorrow, I go through a full labour.  I guess I could end up having a c-section, but that would only happen towards the end of the pregnancy if we ran into preventable problems.  However, if this baby dies in utero I'll be labouring.  That's fine. I want to labour.

I'm in a flap about movements. You can start feeling movements from 14 weeks with your second.  I felt C at about 16/17 weeks.  Now, I'm focusing a lot of my attention on my belly trying to understand what I'm feeling.

It feels different to how it did a few weeks ago. I know when I've got gas in my organs because that's high up. I feel like my uterus area is fuller, and that there is something going on there, but it's not distinct. I remember with C I knew it was him because I could just feel something moving. I don't have that sensation yet, my uterus area just feels different to how it did a couple of weeks ago.

The 12 week scan confirmed my placenta was at the front, but they did say it could move around.  They said that with C, it didn't.  People say that if your placenta is at the front you'll likely feel movement later, but my placenta was at the front with C and I still felt him early.


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