Sunday, August 11, 2013

Super Silly Sunday

Eating doesn't work that way y'all.

An 'emaciation' power is stupid.  I do like the inclusion of the skeleton in the top left of the image though.  I do not approve of the use of literally.  We know it's literal, because you;ve just described a real event.  You tosser.

From a 90s Uncanny X-Men comic.


Gary said...

Misuse of "literally" is literally one of my many pet hates.

And excellent use of "You tosser" by the way! A phrase from my childhood that simply doesn't get used enough!

Saranga said...

Ha, thanks :)

Lord Runolfr said...

Is this Apocalypse's "Famine" follower? The one who shoots rays at people that caused them to waste away as if starving and causes organic stuff like food to disintegrate?