Friday, August 02, 2013

Couch to 10k - week 4, session 1

The Easy Recovery week
Week 4, Session 1 - 40 min. Run 3 minutes. Walk 2 minutes. Do this 6 times

Hooray an easy recovery week!    It doesn't look like it will be easy, this is the same routine that I did on Sunday.  But, it wasn't bad.  I did it all, and it wasn't as difficult as I’d thought.

Monday and Tuesday I was shattered, and Tuesday I was in a really foul mood so spend most of the afternoon eating.  This worked out OK as I wasn’t hungry when I went out.  I figured out a route, but got to the furthest point sooner than expected so had to be a bit more creative on the way back.
For 3 of the running parts I paused midway through, twice to cross a road and the third time because I bumped into my boss, who does a lot of running.  But I did the full 3 minutes of running each time, and perhaps a bit over.

My internal clock is still broken.  I have no concept of time so find myself constantly checking my wristwatch to see how many minutes I’ve done and check when the run and walk.  I hope I get a sense of time because otherwise the 10 minute and 50 minute runs will be awful.

On previous sessions I have got home and found myself feeling invigorated.  This time, I came home relaxed and in a far better mood.  Colleagues have talked about the concept of a good run, being able to feel whether your run is good or not.  I think I might be understanding what they mean.

In terms of wildlife, I saw rabbits, a blackbird and I think a thrush.  I have no idea if it was a song thrush or mistle thrush though.  I saw no butterflies – the rain must have made them all hide.

I’m still not convinced I’ll be able to run 10 minutes without stopping, let alone 60 minutes, but we’ll see.  So far it’s not been anywhere near as hard as the first session was.

Are you enjoying these posts?  If so, please remember that to get me through this darned programme I am fundraising for the Abortion SupportNetwork (ASN), who provide money to Irish women travelling to England to get an abortion, as legal abortion is incredibly restricted in both the Republic or Ireland and Northern Ireland.

I have committed to give £1 per session that I complete.  If you would like to sponsor me you can find information on how to donate to ASN here.

Total raised: £10.

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