Sunday, August 11, 2013

Abortion laws in Ireland

I was just dicking about on tumblr and I came across this post by Mara Clarke, founder of the Abortion Support Network, talking about the women they have helped.

I am furious and tearful about laws that have this affect on women.  Let me give you a few quotes, bolded parts are emphasised by me:

Making abortion against the law means that when faced with unplanned, unwanted pregnancies, women and families with money can choose whether or not to continue their pregnancies, and women and families without money are put into situations so desperate that some of them attempt suicide, or try to self abort.

he government is still dragging its feet on releasing the guidance on what constitutes a risk to the mother’s life TWENTY YEARS after the X Case.

Many of the women who call us believe that having an abortion is killing a baby and that they will burn in hell. They are still having an abortion.

The opposition talks about post abortion stress disorder – I’d like to talk about PRE abortion stress disorder, when a woman or a woman and her partner make the decision that they are not able to parent a child – or in the majority of cases – another child – and then see how much it’s going to cost. 

The limited funds we get from our fabulous donors needs to stretch as far as possible. So we ask women how much money they have, who they can borrow from, what bills they can delay. In the lead up to Christmas, we will be telling women to return Christmas presents for their existing children so that they can have money to pay for their abortions. 

And who were these women, forced by economic circumstance to call a complete stranger in another country and beg for money?
  • These women and girls ranged in age from 14 to 46
  • And while many of these women had partners who stood by their sides while they called us, we also heard “He wants nothing to do with it”, “He spit in my face”, “He said he was leaving me but if I had the abortion he’d paint ‘murderer’ on my house”
  • More than 200 were already mothers
  • At least 26 were in or escaping abusive relationships
  • At least six were living in shelters as refugees or asylums
  • At least 21 had serious mental health issues
  • At least six attempted suicide
  • 12 said they’d rather be dead than in this position
  • At least 4 tried to self abort
  • More than 10 delayed paying rent and faced eviction to raise funds
  • At least 4 had serious learning disabilities
  • More than 20 had serious health issues that pregnancy would compromise.
  • 11 had past pregnancies with serious complications and had been warned against future pregnancy
  • At least 10 had existing children with serious health issues and disabilities that would make it very difficult to care for an additional child
  • At least 15 had catastrophic foetal anomalies
  • At least 19 were pregnant as the result of rape

Irish law doesn't allow for abortion in situations of rape, incest or severe foetal abnormalities.  You just imagine that.

I am currently fundraising for ASN by doing the Couch to 10k running programme.  Please PLEASE consider donating some money to ASN.  Even just a few quid helps.


SallyP said...

Good Grief. And I thought only the Republican part in America was that crazy.

Saranga said...

Yeah. Irish abortion law is fucked up.

Saranga said...

I think it's because the Republic is very strongly Catholic. I'm not sure why Northern Ireland has similar laws. Northern Ireland is part of the UK, but because of devolution not all UK law is applicable in Ireland, Wales and Scotland. thsoe countries have their own laws, to greater or lesser degrees. I don't really understand how and why it all works. But it ain't right.