Thursday, February 10, 2011

Supergirl 60

Spoilers ahead for Supergirl 60.
Well.  That was good.  Really good.  What a pity Nick Spencer isn’t hanging around.

I had no idea what to think about this issue.  There was clue as to what direction it was going to take and with all the creative upheavals we could have got anything.

What Nick Spencer James Peaty, Bernard Chang, Blond and Travis Lanham have given us is a really solid start to this new era.  A new rogue is introduced and my golly Chang makes him menacing.  The setting of Kara’s place in Metropolis is done easily but with weight behind it, and everything seems so natural.  With Superman gone Lois makes an appearance as the city’s saviour and really proves her worth, which by this point seems to be made on reputation and trust.

The panels are laid out differently to Jamal Igle, this is fine, it suits the story very well and draws a marker between the last team and the new team.  We open with a page of 9 rectangular panels.  Page 2 has 3 vertical panels, and 2 wide panels of differing heights.    Page 3 is 3 vertical panels, again, all different widths, and 2 more vertical panels below, still of different widths.  Page 4 and 5 is that lovely splash page of Kara flying above metropolis, the inked version of which I saw at London Comic Con.  She didn’t look so long in the torso there – I wonder if maybe colourists don’t always do Chang justice?

From page 7 onwards most of the story is delivered in horizontal panels.  I have got to say that I love the panel on page 8 where the villains meet Kara – she looks really calm and just mildly irked, like these guys are just an inconvenience to her.  It helps that I love Silver Banshee too.

We then follow 3 stories – the planet’s story, the bad guys, and Kara.  Each panel gets more and more tense and then we finish.  Kara is in trouble, a child is dead and the bad guy named Alex is a bastard.

This is good guys.  Really really good.

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