Wednesday, February 16, 2011

In more screwed up news of the day

Norfolk Eating Disorders Association is under threat of closing, or at the very least of running only skeleton service.  See here for the article from local newspaper the Evening News and see here for the blog an ex service user has set up.  I would rfecommend that you go through to both links but be warned - both links have a picture of an extremely anorexic man, and text that may be triggering.  It's not sensational, it's straightforward, but could be triggery.

You can show your support for the service by signing a petition here.

In other horrific news, South Dakota want to pass a bill that will make it legal to kill abortion providers.  I just... words fail me.  Wait, no they don't - why is it that the pro life lobby won't accept the death of a fetus but they will accept the death of adults and children providing and accessing abortions?

Meanwhile, in England the Abortion Support Network (ASN) is about to run out of funds.  ASN is a volunteer-run organisation in London that provides accommodation for women living in Ireland (Northern and Republic of) who need to stay overnight when travelling to London for an abortion. 
From the ASN site:
"In both Northern Ireland – despite being part of the UK – and the Republic of Ireland, abortion is illegal except under extremely limited circumstances (although it is not illegal for women to travel abroad for an abortion). Even if women meet the strict criteria for a legal abortion, it is virtually impossible for women to access a safe and legal abortion in Ireland."

Please consider donating to them.

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