Tuesday, February 15, 2011


OK, so after all the rage of the last few days I'm gonna give you all a pretty picture of the one computer game I play.  Fairyland on facebook.  It's about as twee as it looks, and the aim is to grow plants, harvest them (and save the rainforest while doing so) and spot and attract animals.
Recently they have been bringing out lots of extra, the most recent of which has been a rainbow.
It's pretty.  And pink.  This here is proof that sometimes I like pink.

See, I chose to have it pink, and to have the rainbow, and to have the cloud, and the sun. It looks like something a five year old would like and it reminds me of my She-Ra (very pink) castle that I had as a kid.  With a (possibly pink) horse.  this image gives me the same warm fuzzy feeling I have when I remember a couple of very distinct (in my mind) comic pages from when I was little.  In particular, they are a Thundercats one and a Power Pack one.  It's that sense of awe and thrill at being really enveloped in a wonrous, creative, imaginative world.  I don't care what the reality is like, that's how it feels to me.  It's all to do with memories and associations.

I am addicted to this game.  It's fun and pretty.

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