Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A little bit of pretty Super face

(From Adventures of Superman 466 and 467, respectively)

SWOON!  That's some pretty artwork right there.

Now, as for who's responsible, the credits are a bit unclear.
# 466 is credited as Dan Jurgens: Story and layouts, 'Sludo' Giordano: Finishes, Albert DeGuzman: letters, Glenn Whitemore: Colours.

First question: Is this the same Dick Giordano who did a lot of Green Lantern work?
Second question: does this mean Jurgens did the pencils?
#467 is credited the same, except for Jurgens is stated as writer/artist (much clearer!) and Art Thibert for Inks.  Giordano has no mention.

Did Jurgens draw these supremely pretty Kal pictures?

Shall we ask Supes what he thinks?
(From issue 436)
He doesn't approve.  Oh dear.  Oh well.  I'm sure Christopher Reeve would be ok with a little bit of swooning:
(From the Fuck Yeah Lois tumblr).
Man, I am so sad Christopher Reeve died. :(

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Super-Duper ToyBox said...

i worship at the altar of Chris Reeve as well- what a neat man!