Saturday, February 26, 2011

More reviews..

Birghtest Day 20  - If you like kick ass women you really need to buy this issue  Mera is seriously badass.  Aquagirl is pretty hot too (I mean hot as in amazingly cool, not hawt hawt sexy hot).  Aqualad continues to enthrall me and on the whole Brightest Day is just proving to me how unbelievably cool the Aquafamily are.  Unfortunately, I think Arthur's gonna die in a puff of white light soon.  I hope he comes back pretty darn sharpish and just as spectacular as ever,

Wonder Woman 607 - The suicidal minotaur made me sad.  The wall murals made me happy.  the cat made me even happier.  We need more kitties in comics.  We have Streaky, Stinky, Dex Starr, Talky Tawny, that family of cats from Morrison's Animal Man trade, what others?

JLA 54 - I have put this on my pull list hoping for Supergirl action.  I got none.  Lots of Eclipso action, (fine, set up the story, whatever) but no Kara.  The cover even has eclipso'd Kara, I feel vaguely cheated.  Why's she in her regualr, non dark uniform though?  Next issue - Boodika and Doomsday, yay!

Batgirl 18 -  I can't say anything about this that hasn't been said already.  It's a Valentines issue, it;s adorable, Steph has a really big heart.  Go buy it.

Ok, only this week's batch to go, come back tomorrow for more opinions..

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Anonymous said...

I love Stinky! We haven't seen him at all since Judd Winick took over "Power Girl." Hopefully, when all the Brightest Day tie-ins are finished, Stinky can make a triumphant return.

I would love to see a Legion of Super-Pets mini-series starring Streaky and Krypto, or at least a trade paperback reprinting the old adventures from the Silver Age.