Sunday, February 06, 2011

More BatWondy! with added Martians!

The other good thing about the BatWondy ship is that Bruce becomes much less of an arse around her. Check this out:
From JLA 89, the Trial by Fire storyline (not one of J'onn's better ones).
See, that's nearly how normal people behave.  I'd like Bruce better if he wasn't eleveated to this bloody platform where he's nearly godlike.  If you believe all the hype he's more superhuman than all the metas he (doesn't) work with.
Ooooh it annoys me.

Then Superman reveals he's a bit stupid :
One more post on trial by fire coming up. Then we're done.


Eyz said...

Gotta love Joe Kelly^^

And the expression on Supes face is priceless! XD

Steve said...

Panels that show Superman being stupid or a total dick are always amusing.

Saranga said...

Agreed. But i do like him nontheless.

Super-Duper ToyBox said...

that's some funny shit- i still love Superham, in spite of him being widely hated, for whatever reason escapes me ...??