Saturday, February 19, 2011

Adventures of Superman

I got a whole new lot of comics to read.  Which means you guys get to be inundated with a whole lot of bizzare, fun or just plain wrong scans.  So, I hope you guys like Superman, cos I've got over 200 Adventures of Superman to get through!

I've read 6 so far, and man do I miss these types of stories.  Compare them to the current Superman run and it just shows you how dull this walk across America is.  I want Supes doing things like this:

(From Adventures of Superman 427)

Or this:
(From Adventures 430)There's even isntances of Superman declaring that he must be in Japan because the monster of the day is quite clearly Godzilla (see left, adventures 427)  Or Lana, Cat Grant and Lois ganging up on Supes for not being honest with them (this scene, (from issue 429) is actually the product of a devious Cat-man's psychic shenanigans). 
There's glorious artwork and some really touching humanising moments from Cat Grant.  Adventures is the series where she was introduced (as fara s I can tell) and is giving me a whole different persepctive of her.  In short, this is the sort of quality stuff that Supergirl has been giving us, and not Superman.  I'm looking forward to this run.  So much.

 (From Issue 426.  pencils by the glorious Jerry Ordway, who draws a lovely Mary Marvel)

(From Adventures 429)


Anonymous said...

Hello! I'm a long-time reader, first-time poster. A few months ago, a guy at a convention was selling a bunch of issues of Adventures of Superman for dirt-cheap. I thought about picking them up, but then I realized that they all had numbered-triangles on the covers, which tied in to a crossover with the other Super-titles. I thought, "What's the point?" since I'd only be getting one-fourth of the story. Which issue do you recommend I start with? I'm a big Super-fan, but the 1980s/1990s era has always confused me due to the volume of product available. I never know what to read and what to skip.

Saranga said...

Hello! Nice to meet you.

I have only just started delving into the 1980s/1990s era of Superman, and have started with these adventures of Superman books. So, I'm not sure I'm the best person to ask on this.

However, upon reading the Adventures of Superman issues I have discovered, like you, that all the Supes books at that time had interwoven stories, crossing from Superman, Adventures of and Action Comics I think.

I haven't found it to bad reading only the Adventures of Superman stories, they have flowed reasonably well even with missing bits. Then again, I have a rough idea of Supes post crisis history so that might be helping me.

Alternatively, you could try going for the trades instead. The Trade Reading Order website could help you out there:

Do you visit my other blog, New Readers? There's a variety of Superman (and family) books reviewed there, and I hope to have some more detailed guides for Superman up soon.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advice! Your New Readers blog is an excellent, much-appreciated resource. I'm looking forward to exploring the Post-Crisis Superman, especially since the issues are dirt-cheap.

Eyz said...

Ah :) Good ol' fun Superman!
Much better than walking the US-Superman.
Though I do miss Richard Donner&Geoff Johns Supes. (which makes me kinda sad the new reboot Superman movie isn't being directed by Richard Donner, the only guy in hollywood that really got Superman right)

Saranga said...

@anonymous: Glad you like the site. Ask questions anytime!

@eyez: Yes, these Adventures of .. stories are SO much better than the current run.