Wednesday, February 09, 2011

How the Tories screwed us over again

Argh I really, really dislike this government.  I am furious at the Liberal Democrats for selling out and furious at what the Tories are doing, without a mandate and without being held accountable for the ways in which they will wreck this society.

They want to sell off our forests.  Our fucking forests.

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They are removing state support from everyone not working.  What they are doing with DLA is particularly despicable.  DLA exists because it is more expensive to live and be disabled in this society than it is to live and be (temporarily) able bodied.  Disability Living Allowance tries to rectify this.

If you're on twitter please get in on the #ProjV campaign: 
#Projv = write 140 char tweet of how being sick/disabled affects your life and/or how #DLA helps. Final consultation on abolishing #DLA & replacing & cutting recipients by 20% closes on Valentines day #Feb14, hence #Projv. We all RT what people tweet & hope it trends (remember to add something to the tweet you are retweeting tho!)
More info is here:
If you want to know more about this on twitter I've just retweeted a lot of stuff, find me @sarangacomics

Instead of getting us out of debt, they are pulling a massive tax scam to benefit themselves and their millionaire buddies.

They are destroying our libraries.  Knowledge and education should be free.  Yet not only are they making people pay through the nose to get educated, (thereby leaving University education the province of the rich only) they are taking away our access to free information.  Not everyone can afford books.  I can't afford all the books I want.  I have relied on libraries.  Many still do.

Oh, and remember how I railed against the Norfolk County Council cuts?  Well the Sensory Support Unit is surviving, with a budget of £600,000.  I presume per year.    I don't think that's a lot of money, personally, and of course, they will have to lose some services.  I'll be buggered if I can find out what exactly what though.

TheTory ideology makes me fucking sick.


notintheface said...

Sounds like some of the hardcore Republicans in our country.

Saranga said...

Our Conservative party is really quite right wing. I blame Thatcher.

notintheface said...

Also, like in your government, too many of our Democrats cave in and sell out.