Friday, February 11, 2011

In which I am late to the party on some reviews

My excuse is I didn't want to break up the BatWondy posts, and I wrote these rather late.

Superman/Batman 80
This was yet another opportunity to channel the silver age.  It’s delivered in a way that’s far more fun and far less frustrating than the silver age, and features many incarnations of Supes and Bats, including a Superwoman .  DickGraysonRobin gets to be all precocious and punch his fist into the palm of his hand. Twice.  All in all, this was more fun than I expected.

Brightest Day #18
Good golly Miss Molly the hawks are dead :o  But probably not for long....  Right before they’d got to have joyous back to life sex too.  Life’s not fair.
In other Brightest day news, I think we need to see more of the Rogues.  I say next issue should be a double bill of the Rogues and the Aquafamily.  What say you all?

I was also happy to see Lorena brought back into the fold.

Shazam one shot
Why is Mary blond?  Since when has she been blond?
Apart from that, this book is really for the marvel family fans.  Since I am one, this satisfied me.  The story doesn’t really contribute anything long-lasting or groundbreaking.  It checks in with the marvels, reminds us that Freddie has powers and Billy and Mary don’t (unless you count the power of being miraculously blond, given DC’s current teen female demographic that might well be a superpower in its own right), and then check sin with all other marvelites out there.

It’s a good read and I’m glad they’re getting some exposure.  As Osiris got a little spotlight at the end maybe this will tie in to brightest day somehow?  We can but hope.

Warning for shameless self promotion: I did a review on Trials of Shazam and Superman/Shazam: First Thunder on New Readers..., found here and here.  They’re good books, you should check them out.

Green Arrow 8
Eight issues in and I finally enjoyed it.  I had hoped Lois would get more panel time, and Krul’s rhymes for Etrigan were dire, but on the whole I actually enjoyed this.  Colour me surprised.

Wonder Woman 606
I also enjoyed this.  What’s the world coming to?  It’s probably because the morrigan wasn’t in it much.  Bloody stupid depiction of her from last week.
Phillipus is a delightfully passionate warrior.  WW shows she is not to be trifled with and the Herne type god worked for me.

After this, cheetah, giganta and artemis are brought back.  I initially thought artemis was the silver swan.  Oops.  The little ww dolls kept me interested  and have me intrigued as to how this will all be resolved.  And the cover is rockin’.

Teen Titans 91
My only complaint is that Scott doesn’t make Rose muscled enough and that she makes Connor too beefy,  Other than that, of course I’m happy with it all!  On several pages Damian and Rose look more like they are dancing than fighting.  Damian is actually softening up to rose.  Must be all the dancing.  Clearly he has a crush on her.  He called her a femme fatale.  At this rate he’s gonna crush on every young woman in the dcu.  I pity him if rose finds out though. She’ll mock him mercilessly.
Bart’s story was interesting – he had a flashback to being killed by the rogues.  I wasn’t aware that was still in canon (maybe it isn;t0?) but he obviously has some memory of it.
I care nothing for the DC online legends preview.


Ragnell said...

They made Mary a blonde?

They are just taunting us now.

Saranga said...

Looks like it. :(