Friday, September 17, 2010

Wonderful comics came out this week!

Red Robin 16 was not so wonderful, but have been better if it wasn't read next to Batgirl 14 and a Dr Horrible 1 shot which was..odd.  I also got Teen Titans 52 + 53 and Gotham City Sirens #9.  Which was amazingly good fun.  But onto the scans!  I cannot gush enough about Batgirl 14 so will display my love via scans:

So much win about this issue.  So much.
For a more indepth discussions see Nevermore999s LJ and Anj's blog.

Then there is also this lovely page of Kara from Teen Titans 53.

Maybe Eddy Barrows should take over Jamal Igle's pencilling duties on Supergirl?


Anj said...

I loved Barrows take on Supergirl in Blackest Night:Superman. But he can't get stuff done on time.

Great scan though!

notintheface said...

I loved Barrows' work on Blackest Night: Superman. I will just say that it's a shame there aren't more mainstream horror comics, because I think Barrows would absolutely kill it in the horror genre. Instead, he's now stuck drawing a walking Superman.

Eyz said...

I loved that page XD
That's why I also featured it in a recent blog-post as well^^

Saranga said...

barrows is doing superman at the moment? i hadn't realised!

Saranga said...

@eyez: Where's your post?

Eyz said...

Right here:
As part of my little feature I get going on there called "ComicPAgeOfTheWeekend"

LissBirds said...

Batgirl #14 was a lot of fun. That book is the bright spot in my pull list.