Monday, September 20, 2010

Batman gets told off

There were a few good moments in War Games.  Only one or two mind.  This is one of them.

There.  That's the best bit of War Games.  Now no one else will have to read it, hah!

This reminds me of a scene with Babs, Cass and Bruce, that I will never ever get tired of:


Eyz said...

Batman sayin' please!!! XD
Easily the best (and only) great moment of War Crimes/Games!

Now, stop making us remember about this "event"! I wanna forget it even existed!

Why don't you check out..hmm.. "Bruce Wayne Murdered", easily better than War Crimes/Games! Shorter and simpler than No Man's Land too.

Ahh :)
When Cassie was still around AND kickin' ass! Good times^^

Matt said...

Isn't there also a Birds of Prey where Batman is sent to the wrong address, breaks in to an old couple's home and the old woman beats him with a stick for scaring her husband?

Saranga said...

I don't know but I'd sure like to read it!