Monday, September 06, 2010


This batch of comics have been more inspiring, in terms of reviewing them, than others have been for a while.  Covering Superman/Batman 75, Green Arrow 3, Gotham City Sirens 15, Wonder Woman 602 and Daredevil 55.  Here goes nothing..
Superman/Batman 75
Eh look, the Legion didn't piss me off.  And then there's a scene where Batman is mopping Superman's brow.  Because Superman has kryptonite poisoning.  Bruce is getting more tender, dammit!  That is actually a very adorable scene.
The rest of the book is 2 page stories where the creators seem to be letting rip and having lots of fun - this is what Superman/Batman should be.  The rest of the DCU can go to a dark and dank hell but this book should be fun.  There's a parody of the floppy format by Steven T Seagle and Teddy Kristiansen (them who did It's a bird...) which I really wasn't expecting as this was touted as a sequal to It's a Bird.
The Con story was great - there are 2 kids, each dressed as Superman and Batman, and they start hassling a guy dressed as the Joker, concluding with plans to launch a groin attackk!!! then they spy  Catwoman and her reactions is just priceless.

Adam Hughes does a wodnerful spread of Batgirl and Supergirl - he gives Kara a lovely face,  which looks similar to Helen Slater.
Friendly Advice is Tim and Dick and Con and Kal talking about the Cass/Con/Tim love triangle.  Dick is teasing Tim something chronic.
And the most unexpected story - a continuation of the chibli story arc from Superman/Batman 51 and 52, where we find out that tiny Superman isn't really dead, he's just sleeping!  awwyeah!
Krypto vs Ace.  Nuff said.

Then some odd stories - Joker vs Lex done Calvin and Hobbes style, Batman/Superman as a grown up Connor/Damian, and a weird story about a kid and his dad.

But the rest were ace.

Green Arrow 3
This is bewildering.  Ollie was brought back to life by the mystic wood (i'm trying to work in a bush joke here) and a knight named Galahad.  Yes that Galahad.  I think I liked it.

Gotham City Sirens 15
Aww this was all about Harley and Ivy. One of ma favourite female friendships in comics.  Aww.  Selina's in it too, but this is really def all about Harley and Ivy.

Wonder Woman 602
Diana startsher trials to earn the mantle of Wonder Woman.  She take soff her jacket and reveals some strappy gold bits to the bustier which some people reckon is gonna be her lasso.  I like the strappy bits.  I also liked the sacrifices angle, them pesky Gods, wanting you to prove your faith in blood.  I'm a little unclear where Diana got that sword from, but I think this goes to prove you shouldn't piss off an Amazon.

Daredevil 55
You are correct, this isnt usually on my pull list and is in fact quite an old title.  I got it cos I'm trying to locate soem Echo stories - she's a Deaf girl in the Marvel universe.  This is the start of a story arc named Vision Quest and is by David Mack, so the art is all painted and the way it;s put together it kind of looks more like a  collage than a regular comic book.  I suspect I'd get more out of it with the whole arc but it was an OK read.  Her Deafness is integral to her experience and came up regularly throughout the issue so that was good.

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