Sunday, September 26, 2010

Superman/Batman: Apocolypse or, let's not publicise what the story is actually about

Ooh this made me angry. Over on Anj's Supergirl blog he posted about the Superman/Batman DVD that's coming out.  You know, the one that features Supergirl's arrival on earth and in the comics was collected as Superman/Batman: Supergirl.  The arc that's all about Supergirl.  Sure, in the comics we got to reflect on and consider Bats and Supes different upbringings and trust levels, but this came about because Kara landed on earth.  So you know, it's all about Supergirl.

Anj included a quote from an interview with the director Lauren Montgomery, which states:

"Montgomery discusses how Supergirl's name was taken out of the title of the story, which was called "The Supergirl From Krypton" in the comics. Montgomery said it happened after the Wonder Woman DVD-release animated film didn't meet sales expectations. "We had to fight to even put her on the cover, and then they put her skanky version on the cover. So 'those' boys would buy it." "


If they don't think she can sell a movie why do a movie about her?  For fucks sake.  I despair I really do.  As Anj put in the title of his post - Happy Birthday Supergirl, now let's get snubbed!

When will people learn that films don't fail because the lead is a woman.  They fail because of bad marketing, bad producing, bad casting, bad directing, bad dialogue, bad ideas.  Having a woman feature prominently in it will not make your film fail.

Men will buy films with women in them.  Men will even buy films (and books and comics) with women where the women aren't sexed up.  Look at the Aliens franchise.  Look at Whiteout.  Both feature tough women who aren't conventionally sexy.  Both did really fucking well and are extremely well respected.

Arggghh.  I think I'll be channeling John Stewart here.

I'm fucking fed up with this shit.


R. B. LeMoyne said...

I was wondering why they'd changed the title for the DVD. Now I know, and now I'm very disappointed in their marketing department.

In other news, I don't know why they think Wonder Woman didn't do that well. Everyone I know who's seen it (myself included) thinks it's among the better of the DC animated movies to come out recently, right up there with New Frontier. It sure was better than Green Lantern and Superman/Doomsday...

Gene said...

I cannot agree with you more Saranga. Frankly I am stunned and angry with the backward and misguided thinking of the WB marketing team:

GOOD: Encouraging sales from people who like underage girls wearing dominatrix like outfits.

BAD: Promoting a positive female role model to a wide audience.

Their argument that Wonder Woman had "poor" sales is pure rubbish. Granted, it was released when the economy was not at its best, but it has done well long term. These marketing morons have also used this argument to kill a Wonder Woman sequel and Batgirl: Year One, something Lauren Montgomery really wanted to make.

At least we have Batman: The Brave and the Bold and Young Justice to see some DC women kick butt...

notintheface said...

Makes sense if that Jeff Robinov numbskull is involved.

Speaking of misogyny, you'll want to avoid this month's Justice League: Generation Lost, too.

LissBirds said...

I agree with you, Saranga. I can't believe they took her name off the title, as I had no idea the movie was about Supergirl until I read your post. And that picture of her is just...ugh. It's "those" boys that make me want to not buy comics anymore, because I feel I'm buying into a pererted industry that doesn't care about its female readership.

And I'm REALLY mad about Batgirl: Year One being canned, which was an awesome, awesome story. I have to go back and read Generation Lost, 'cause I can't even remember what it was about.

Eyz said...

To answer R.B. LeMoyne aboce, well, Wonder Woman is my favorite animated DC movie so far. The best story, better animation, casting, music, etc..

I think it didn't make that much money for, sadly, for lack of Superman or Batman on the cover. Kids will more easily make their parents buy the Superman/Batman DVD than Wonder Woman :(

But, it could have make a lot more money if DC did market it better for the mainstream audience! Like (good) TV spots on channels, make people aware that THERE IS a new WW movie available, etc..

And I don't think they're afraid of making movies about leading girl characters.. it's just that it should stay under well known properties (such as Bats and Supes, seriously I can see Batgirl Year One being brought back).

Saranga said...

@notintheface: dare I ask what happened in this months JL Gen Lost?

@Liss: The DVD is the animated verison of this book:

I'm gutted we don't have a Batgirl Yr 1 movie yet. That book has to be one of my favourite comics.

notintheface said...

This happened: