Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The ayes have it

Well, technically Amanda Connor has it, but 'The AC's have it' sounds terribly wrong.

I'm talking about my Supergirl artist poll, of course.  18 of you voted (Thanks all!) and the overriding winner was Amanda Connor with 12 votes, woo hoo!

Amy Reeder got 3
Ed McGuinness,Ale Garza, Nicoal Scott and Francis Manapul got 2
There was one vote for Other

It appears none of my readers were interested in Eric Jones (for shame!), Ben Caldwell (probably not right for Sterling Gates stories), Patrick Gleason (I'm only interested in him with a new colourist) or Guillem March (Probably not right unless you want a cheesecake Kara).

Other suggestions put forward were:
Renato Guedes

Can't quite believe I forgot him.  I love Guedes for giving Kara knees, but I think sometimes his work suffers for being coloured to lightly - he (and Kara) needs strong bold, colours.  the above picture is bold, but a lot of his work wasn't.

Other suggestions put forward were for:

Cliff Chiang (yeah he could work)
Ian Churchill (Dear gods please no anything but him again)
David Finch (I'm not too familiar with him)
Ivan Reis (A GL artist. I'm unconvinced)
Ethan Van Sciver (I didn't like the colours on his Flash Rebirth book, so change the colourist and I could be more convinced)
Marcus To (He certainly does a lovely Robin)
Tony Daniel (He's ok)
Shane Davis (I don't know his stuff)
Gary Frank (His Christopher Reeve Superman scares me)
Ed benes  (Nooooooooooooooooo!)
Philip Tan (Another GL artist, maybe he could work)
Brian Bollard (As for Shane Davis)
Alex Gardner (Who?)
Matt Camp  (He's responsible for those awesome Supergirl covers a while back)

Out of all suggestions, I want Amy Reeder or Matt Camp on board.

Thanks to all who voted and commented, on here or on twitter, and thanks to those who promoted the poll!


Eyz said...

I really dig Renato Guedes' art there!
Sweet enough while still having a little "punch".

I admit it, I voted Amanda!
I mean, she could totally make a very fun, dynamic and "fresh" enough take on Supergirl!
Plus it isn't one of those "super realistic" artstyle, it's a bit cartoony (sort of like McGuiness)

notintheface said...

Other good ideas:

Pete Woods

Mike Norton (he drew the Ryan Choi Atom's book while Gail was doing it)