Tuesday, September 07, 2010

No Mans Land - Huntress

So, I keep seeing talk about how Huntress got shot in the stomach.  This usually is in reference to the stupidity of her bare torso'd costume (btw if you do go look at the post that picture came from you'll find it's a list of the 8 sluttiest superheroes.  Yeah, nice.  For some reason Black Canary is included.  Yes, I think we can ignore that site.).  Anyway people argue that Huntress shouldn't wear that daft costume cos she got shot in the belly once - she'd want kevlar to protect herself, surely.  (My argument against it is that it looks ridiculous, she'll be cold, and why would she want to flash some skin when she's not superpowered and is fighting crime mostly at night).

Anyway, guess where she got shot in the stomach?  It's No Mans Land!  Here's some scans from when it happened.  It's starts here:

She is protecting children in a building.  She is the only one there to protect them.
She's now been shot.  It looks like this might be the end.  I like the above panel a lot.  She's not weepy or scared, she's defiantly looking up at her attacker, almost daring him to go through with it.

Skip to the next issue:

Then, if I recall correctly, the cavalry arrives.  Or at least Nightwing does, and he takes her to the only hospital in NML.

 I never knew Dick cared so much.  This is cemented by this next page:

And that's why Huntress needs a full kevlar suit.  Dick and Helena should get together again.

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LissBirds said...

Ugh, I hate the exposed midriff on Huntress's costume because, like you said, it makes NO sense. I wasn't crazy about the casual hookup with Nightwing (and others), only because I see Helena as a traditional Italian Roman Catholic, considering her background, who would be more conservative about that kind of stuff. *shrugs*

At least the costume she wore when she guested in The Question backup in Detective Comics made up for the silly one. It was practical, and looked good on her.

Eyz said...

I prefered that old costume she had back then or in "Huntress: Year One"... :/
The current one is...dumb :/
(wasn't it Jim Lee that created it?)

Oh, this gives me an idea.. I'll try making up a new costume for her, just for fun later :P
A better one!

Saranga said...

Let me know when you've doen the new costume!

Eyz said...

I finally did something!

Since I liked her "original" costume from early Post-crisis DC or "Year One", it's closer to that design.



Saranga said...

i like it!