Saturday, September 18, 2010

War Games

I just read it.

Ho. Hum.

Now I see why everyone hates it.

Then I read War Crimes.  Way to go, assasinating Leslie's character.

The only good thing about it is Steph was heroic to the end, and Selina was supportive.

But Batman is still a massive dick.


Eyz said...

At least, thanks to the retcon, it's not that a bad ending...

Hey! War Crimes/Games had Black Mask! That should count for something!...right?!

I hate War Crimes/Games :(

LissBirds said...

I haven't read War Games. Or War Crimes. What did they do to poor Leslie Thompkins?!

James Ashelford said...

Broke her. Made her a murderer of a teenage girl who had been tortured and who she could easily have saved (as I remember War Crimes, at least).

And as to the consequences of her actions: more loss-trauma for Bruce, bereavement for Tim, a child orphaned, permanent estrangement from Alfred and any chance of hot tuxedo lovin'.

You know, after War Crimes I was sure there had to be some sort of White Martian get out clause or something but no, it was just shit.

Saranga said...

When Bruce brought a tortured and horrible injured Steph into Leslie's hospitals, Leslie, in secret, withdrew medication from Steph and decided not to help her. She did this to teach Batman and the rest of the batcrew a lesson - i.e. that vigilantism (Sp?) is violent and wrong and leads to the death of folk like Steph, so therefore they should all quit and throw in their cowls.

In War Crimes, Bruce discovered this and declared Leslie a murderer and refused to have anything to do with her, ever again.

Throughout No Mans Land and War Games Leslie has been portrayed as the pacifist who abhors violence. She wasn't about to snap and decided to kill Steph. Horrible, crappy ending.

Saranga said...

Backing up what James said, War Crimes established that Steph could easily have been saved. So this means Leslie went out of her way to kill Steph.

No, just no.

notintheface said...

War Games/Crimes was just another "one of Batman's protocols comes back to bite hi9m in the ass" story.

How. Original.

There was also the matter that someone thought it would be perfectly fine to include scenes of sexualized torture of a teenage girl in a book starring a teen hero. Stay classy, DC!

There's an interesting post on Shadowwing Tronix's blog regarding the treatment of Leslie Thompkins' character.