Wednesday, September 08, 2010

No Mans Land - other art part 1

Ah, here's where I just post a load of scans and revel in the loveliness of them all.  Issue numbers are underneath each picture

From Azrael 54.  A plot line that reminds me of the Buffy musical episode given that there's a demonic dancer involved.

From Batman 23.  Finale of the Underground Railroad story.  I like that it's a normal, non caped guy here, in a pose that is referencing Batman's usual iconic lookout.  It infers that we can all be Batmen, even if we're normal and have no special training.

Batman 568, from the Fruits of the Earth arc (also written about here).

From Detective Comics 738, A Bat/villain pile up. Haw!

Also Detective 738.  Cass actually looks small here.  For a lot of NML she looked more atheltic than waifish.

Detective Comics 741. How to tell a story without words.

Also Detective 741.  The end of NML and Batman gets to be tender again.

Do you remember about my poll?

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Eyz said...

It was quite a nice saga...
Loved the ends of it, not because it was ending, but because how the final arc turned out like.

That Two Face part is actually sort of funny :P