Thursday, September 09, 2010

No Mans Land - other art part 2

The last of my No Mans Land series, and the rest of the notable art.

From legends of the Dark Knight 125.

Detective Comics 727.  Tim looks more like Connor Hawke here.

More from the Fruits of the Earth storyline.  I'm not sure which issue this is from, apologies.
From Legends of the Dark Knight 125.

From Legends of the Dark Knight 126. Batman is looking for the Joker.

From the issue where Barbara discovers the other Batgirl.

Shadow of the Bat 85.  A more cartoonish penguin.

Shadow of the Bat 77.  A more odl fashioend rendering of Batman.

There you have it.  The end of my No Mans Land series.  Tons of different things were covered in these 80+ issues and there were tons of different art styles.  God knows what it would be like to come into these blank, reading the trades.

It's polling time!


Eyz said...

The Robin issues were pretty well done, writing and artwork-wise :P

Those panels with Gordon! Wow! Just wow!

R. B. LeMoyne said...

I love when comic book characters use the word "fool" when talking about someone. Who even uses that word anymore? :)

Great art, tho, for a great story arc.

LissBirds said...

I feel like I'm missing so much now just reading the trades. Maybe I'll hunt down all those single issues some day. I don't remember the Underground Railroad story at all, so that must've been something not collected.

Saranga said...

it's such a shame they didn't collect everything.