Saturday, September 04, 2010

New poll - Artists for Supergirl

So y'all may have heard the rumours that Jamal Igle might possibly be leaving the Supergirl book and going to Birds of Prey.  I have no idea if it's true, I sincerely hope it's not, and the only good thing about it will be that it means I'll pick up BoP. 
Apparently it is true.  (19.09.2010 - change of news again.  Igle was never offically attached to BoP.)
I am very sad.  I shall be adding BoP to my pull list tho.
Anyway, whether it's true or not it got me to thinking about who else could do Supergirl well, as written by Sterling Gates. I think it's important to specify who the writer will be because the art must match the dialogue and feel of the story.

So, there's a poll over there on the right, with several artists that I particularly like.  Go ahead and vote.  But before you do, let's recap on each one's work...

EDITED TO ADD Eric Jones and Amy Reeder.  Doh, how could I forget them?  I've now changed the poll.

Landry Q Walker reminded me of Eric Jones, who did Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade and did a bloody marvellous Kara.  I think she may be a little young for regular continuity but I'd be interested to see how he draws a more adult Kara:

Amy Reeder.  Simply delightful.  I have a lot of time for her Supergirl, so thank god we have her on covers now:

Ed McGuinness

As you can see he's already drawn a ton of Supergirls in Superman/Batman.  He's got good expressions whilst maintaining a cartoony appearance.

Amanda Connor, you all know her from Wednesday comics:

Ale Garza - I think his Kara is adorable, here's the cover he's done for Superman/Batman 77.

Nicola Scott
Probably one of my favourite artists at the moment.  Her female characters have a lot of strength and poise, something which I think would go well with Gates' writing of Kara.

Ben Caldwell
Another Wednesday comics nominee.  I think a Supergirl story drawn by him would be very mysterious and wouldn't work if it was rooted in everyday life, like Gates has been writing Kara.  If however she decided to rejoin the Amazons, Caldwell would do lovely.

Patrick Gleason
Gleason is probably best known for his work on Green Lantern.  I like his pencils but not the way they tend to get coloured.

Guillem March

He's recently did Gotham City Sirens.  Now I like his art in that book, but I think it may be too sexy for Supergirl.  I think she needs to be portrayed as a teenager and March would make her look like jailbait, or make her look adult.

Francis Manapul
He's doing the Flash comics right now and he has done Superboy in Adventure Comics before.  He has a very dreamlike style.

Other - leave a comment somewhere and tell me who you want to draw Kara.

I haven't included Jamal Igle because I think it's fair to say that given the choice we'd never let him leave the book.  I've also only included artists who currently work.

Go vote!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

my votes are for:
Ed McGuinness
Amanda Conner
Francis Manapul
one of those three would be great
I also loved Adam Hughes when he drew Supergirl recently in Superman/Batman
i think he would do a great mature Kara in the Matrix uniform.

Eyz said...

I would love to see either Amanda or McGuinness on the book :P
Love their cartoony-yet-superherocomicbookish type of characters!
There's a lot of work put into expressions, movements and such~

R. B. LeMoyne said...

My vote is for Garza or Manapul. They've got great style. Third in the list would be Conner, because she's done well with Kara's older twin, Power Girl.

Saranga said...

Umm, if you've already voted can you revote cos I realised I missed out 2 artists - amy reeder and eric jones - and had to delete the poll and repost it..

Only one person had voted so those of you that didn't, please go vote! thank you!

R. B. LeMoyne said...

Okay, Amy Reeder gets my vote, too. :)

Anonymous said...

Amy Reeder!

LissBirds said...

My vote is for Amanda Conner. I loved her Wednesday Comics Supergirl. It was fun, girlish, and expressive. And I love how she draws cats!

Eyz said...

Looks like Amanda Conner's winning! :P

Landry Walker said...

I'll post some of Eric's less animated looking stuff soon so you can get an inkling of what his non-cartoony Supergirl might be like.

The funny thing about that image of Supergirl Eric drew that you posted: He hates it. It was never intended for public consumption, and was sent to DC with the pitch material as a generic sample. Off model and not really representative of the final product.

Saranga said...

@Landry: Really? I just googled cosmic adventures and picked the image which was the clearest one, unencumbered by background stuff. I also thought the yellow background was a nice touch.

I'd love to see some of his other stuff!

DC Women Kicking Ass said...

My first choice is Amy Reeder. Amanda would be great but I doubt she'd do a ongoing again. They are all, except for one, great choices.

Saranga said...

hi dcwomen! I am assuming it's guillem march you don't like? i don't think he'd be right for it I just thought I'd sling him in there to see if anyone would vote for him.

notintheface said...

Amy Reeder. Nicola is doing Titans, otherwise she'd be my pick.

Themysciran Knight said...

I voted for a different artist than those on the list. I believe Renato Guedes should return and draw Supergirl. I love his style!

But I'd also be happy with Amanda Conner, Eric Jones, Nicola Scott, Amy Reeder, or Ale Garza.

Jennifer said...

I gotta go with Amy Reeder! I want to see how she pencils a story, not just covers :)

I would also like to see Ed McGuiness as I am a fan of his cartoony style