Saturday, September 25, 2010

Thinking of Steph

Lets look back at when she was awesome, before War Games was ever thought of.  Spoiler and Robin have just broken into an aprtment and are surprised to find out the blonde woman in the apartment has dealt with the intruder.


Eyz said...

Ah :)
Good times^^
What issue was that?

Anonymous said...

I love the Canary Spoiler team up.
Hey maybe sometime we can have Steph and Cass team up with Babs and Canary. That would be awesome.

Saranga said...

I think we may need a BoP junior!

I can't recall the issue this is from, you may be able to find out on the Steph wiki:

James Ashelford said...

Well that brings back fond memories of the Young Justice era and Tim's starnge delusion that being Robin made him an authority figure among the younger heroes...

Good times.

Eyz said...

Steph's got her own wikia?! How awesome is that! :P

I may have that issue around anyway.. it's just that I didn't want to have to go through all of them to find this! XD