Monday, February 01, 2010


Today and tomorrow is the festival of Imbolc.  It's the first signs of Spring, we've got snowdrops appearing, the lambing season is starting (allegedly, altho I find this very difficult to believe), and the long winter is beginning to end.  To celebrate, I shall be eating ewe's milk cheese on crackers, lamb and dunpling stew, and hopefully some sort of honey or apple cake.  The green is coming back, bring on the sun!  Now to find some candles..

If you want to find out more, look here, here and here.


Feminist Avatar said...

Given that it snowed here yesterday (if not at catastrophic levels); that there is still snow on the ground; and that my pipes to my laundry are once more frozen, I am highly sceptical that spring is particularly near! Especially as February is often the coldest month of the year here.

However I can always go some cheese... ooh and honey cake.

Sea-of-Green said...

Groundhog Day is tomorrow (2/2) here in the states. I really, really hope Punxsutawney Phil doesn't see his shadow! I usually don't start getting sick of winter until the first of February -- but I've been sick of it for a MONTH already!

Rachel said...

Happy Imbolc! I hope your celebration goes well.

It's very icy here - people were falling off their bikes left, right and centre on the way to work this morning - but the evenings are getting lighter and it was sunny today. I'm trying to concentrate on this side of things.

Saranga said...

@ FA: we have snow too. but, hey, new plants are coming through!
@ sea of green: I've never really understood groundhog day..
@rachel: the streets are lethal here at the moment. we got an inch of snow in about 3 hours on friday and now the pavements are sheet ice. not funb.