Monday, February 22, 2010

Comic reviews..

Featuring some fascinating thoughts and spoilers for Superman/Batman # 69, Power Girl #9, Batgirl #6, Green Lantern Corps: Blackest Night # 45, Green Lantern: Blackest Night # 51, Blackest Night: The Flash # 3.
Supergirl #50 is gonna get her own review.
Superman/Batman # 69
Taking place in the aftermath of the Our Worlds at War crossover, Superman is very angry in this.  Playboy Bruce seems surprised that there are aliens in the universe, which seems a little odd considering this is the DCU we're talking about.  You can hardly move for tripping over aliens.  This issue is not really about the Supes/Bats relationship, which dissappoints me.

As I wasn't into comics at the time of the Our Worlds at War crossover, I couldn't care less about this story arc.  However I'm sure it pleases a lot of fans.

Although it wasn't all bad.  The splash page of the tentacled evil Durlan was very pleasing.  How I wish I had a scanner show you all. *sigh*

Power Girl #9
I love the art on this.  The pencils, the colours - everything is so vibrant, so joyous and fun!*  I love that karen is so powerful that bombs, grenades, guns and fire don't bother her in the least.  Satanna brought out a sonic boom hammer, and even that wasn't enough to put her down.  Then Terra arrives and oh my, doesn't she look really demented.

I'll miss this title.

*except for Satanna's outfit, which is beyond stupid.

Batgirl #6
I feel like I should love this but I just can't - there's soemthing missing and somehow the whole thing just doesn't gel for me.  Having said that, there are some very good things - Damian carrying a sword (I can't believe Dick is letting him do this) and Steph doing her best Batman impression in Jordanna' Spence's room.  It tickles me when other chars do Batman impressions - I'm specifically thinking of Oliver Queen doing one for Hawkman in Quiver.

Green Lantern Corps: Blackest Night # 45
Guy Gardner goes mad with a chainsaw!


Wonderful cover.  
Wel, this issue was a treat and a half for Guy fans.  And Kyle fans.  And Mogo fans.  In fact, this issue will have created a fair few Mogo fans I reckon.  A sentient planet is a great idea.  The leeches thing? Less so.  Still, I greatly enjoyed this issue.  But I will not be satisifed until Mogo is facing off against Black Lantern planet Xanshi.

Green Lantern: Blackest Night # 51
Isn't Hal as Parallax an ugly looking bastard?  And then he proves his evilness by ripping the Spectre's face off.  Nice.  Crispus Allen appears to be trapped behind onwe of the Spectre's eyes - I wa snotg expecting that.  Nice detailing there.

The Spectre gets filled with rage, and I am ponderign just how scary a Red Lantern Spectre would be.  Very scary, judging by the amount of red vomit he can produce.

Parallax is seperated from Hal Jordan. and before Sinestro can claim the entity for himself, Parallax is whisked away gods know where, and then we hear a voiceover from Hector Hammond's cell  muttering about how bad it is that 'it' has Parallax.  Intriguing.  I bet this feeds into Brightest Day.

I want to know what the mysterious crimson entity of anger the Spectre referred to is.

Blackest Night: The Flash # 3
What another great cover!

Inside, the art is also good, but I don't think it does justice to Bart.  It's just not exuberant enough.   It works really well for the dark zombie theme of the story, and Kolins did really good work on the Rogues Revenge mini, I just don't like his Bart.  However, I did notice on re-reading just how differnetly he draws the villains and the heroes.  The Rogues and the Black Lanterns ahev that scratchy screwed up feel, but the Flashes, when not possesed by BL rings, are freshfaced and pure (like the cover), but still remain recognisably as drawn by Kolins. I think this is a great artistic trick.

I'm very disappointed in Boomer's actions.  I find it hard to square this Boomer with the one in Supergirl a while back.   I can see Boomer getting fucked up by his Dad returning from the dead.  I can see this making him confused, angry and hopeful and causing him to agree to feeding sex offenders to his Dad.  I can't see him feeding innocents to his Dad.

But aside from that, I thought this was a great mini, and probably the strongest one so far.


SallyP said...

Yeah, sacrificing the innocent to feed Boomer's evil old Dad was a bit of a kick in the teeth. I LIKE Owen!

I have to admit that I simply adore the Rogues as well.

wiec? said...

the Flash BN mini was really good i thought. it's the only one besides some of the one shots for BN i bought. from what you've said about the other minis for BN and from what I've seen in the store it was the right choice.

anything with Capt Cold in it i'm sold. i thought Boomer feeding his Dad Boomer innocent folks was a big twist (4th tier villians made sense though) and I think that might go somewhere later on down the road.

And the Spectre face rip was bananas!