Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Some excellent Supergirl moments

(Pictures pilfered from Supergirl Comic Box Commentary)


I just think this is a really nice picture, nicely composed, good colours and engaging.

But this next scan, this has become one of my favourite ever Supergirl moments:

(Hope it's big enough to see).  Earlier on in the comic Damian called Steph Fatgirl, now Kara has heard about it and is bawling him out for it.  As I said in the comments section on Anj's blog, I think this shows Kara as a great role model for younger readers and demonstrates that strength comes from sources other than raw physical power.  Kara picking up on the fat comment makes her a wonderful spokeswoman for young girls and I thoroughly applaud the inclusion of that scene.

If I didn't already have a banner for this blog I would use that scene.  Sadly, I don't think it's quite suitable for New readers.. so I've done a post about it instead.  Enjoy.

(Both images from number 4 of the World's Finest 4 issue mini series, out last week).

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John M said...

I enjoyed the World's Finest 4 issue mini series. I thought issue 3 with Kara and Stephanie Brown teaming up was excellent- the dialogue and art provided a solid base for future team ups for Supergirl and Batgirl. I loved the moment when Kara picked up Damian and laid down the law. I think it is a good message, and I'm glad Kara got to deliver that dialogue. Hurtful speech like that should not be tolerated. In Supergirl 10 I recall Kara being upset at Sarah's treatment by the high schoolers, and befriends her later in issue 19. I'm happy Supergirl continues to grow as a character under Sterling Gates!