Thursday, February 04, 2010

Green Lantern/Green Arrow

I recently got the 2 GL/GA trades that are available.  I forgot how hilarious they are - for a start, within 3 pages of trade number 1 Hal gets hit on the head.  Then there is his general stupidity, Ollie's propensity to call everyone in authority a Nazi, the inclusion of an actual Nazi, and the fact that Ollie is a massive dick.  Having said that I might be finding it so funny because I know the characters.

Anyway here's some scans from that era (but not neccessarily from the 2 trades).

Firstly, Ollie is a dick.  This scene takes places just after he has discovered his ward is a smackhead.  Roy by this point has kicked his habit - with Dinah's help since Ollie marched off in a snit - punched Ollie, and told him that the reason he became a junkie was cos Ollie was ignoring him and he felt all alone, let down and depressed.  And he wants nothing more to do with Ollie.

That is not an appropriate reaction!

But it's ok, he's not just a dick to Roy:

That's his future wife!

Oh, and the Guardian lie:


It seems stupidity runs in Hal's family.  The guy on the left is Sonar Airwave, Hal's cousin.

So I wasn't surprised when Ollie appeared disbelieving of Hal's reasoning faculties:

Dinah appears fed up with the lot of them:

The woman isn't her by the way, I think it's Katma Tui.  Anyway...

That's no reason to to dress for combat:

Running? In the ice?  In those heels?  Oh no no no.  This won't do at all.

And if you fancy more Green Arrow/Black Canary goodness, with a few Green Lanterns thrown in, head over to New readers... and read my gushing review of the GA/BC For Better or For Worse trade.  Then go buy it.  Because it's ace.  And it has one of the nicest feeling covers I've come across on a comic.  Bibliophiles will get what I mean.


Sea-of-Green said...

Yep, Katma Tui was the woman they were referring to in that panel. That's a very funny story, actually, and pathetic -- particularly when Dinah starts thinking that Ollie is showing Katma a little too much attention.

Hal actually does something pretty smart in that story, though. VERY unusual for him.

SallyP said...

I DO have this, and you're is a hoot.

And Ollis IS a dick. For all that he spends his time running around and calling people stupid, he doesn't do a whole lot to prove that he's a whole lot smarter. Hal at least knows he's not the sharpest crayon in the box...and it doesn't bother him.

notintheface said...

Yes, Ollie is a COMPLETE dick in the GL/GA issues. For one thing, it seems like he gets off on lecturing Hal and others AFTER they fuck up when one little aside beforehand could have prevented them from fucking up in the first place. But then he wouldn't get to bloviate and act all superior.

Worse was his reaction to finding out about Roy's addiction, straight out of "The Jim Aparo Guide To Drug Intervention":

Yeah, he's a dick, all right.

Saranga said...

i'm not actually sure what's worse - hitting your ward or being incredibly proud when he hates you for the way you've acted and he's feeling all isolated, alone, angry and abandonded.

earth-two said...

Umm, Hal's cousin is actually AIRWAVE not Sonar.

Saranga said...

@earth-two. Oh yeah. And it even says that in the panel. I should proof read things before I post them shouldn't i?
*shuffles off to amend the text*