Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Flying Death Toys. Perfect.

Spoilers ahead for: Teen Titans #79, Blackest Night: JSA #2, The Atom and Hawkman: Blackest Night # 46 (resurrected title), Green Lantern: Blackest Night #50, Gotham City Sirens #8, World's Finest #4, Cry for Justice #6 and Supergirl #49
Teen Titans #79
Really crap art.  Half the time Static looks female.  The dialogue and pacing was weird - sometimes it felt like we were misisng a scene or two.  Rose's back up story was ok, but I've read better.  On the other hand, it may just be that i was disillusioned due to the mains tory.
I really hope this improves, I love the Teen Titans and don't want to drop the title but so far Henderson's issues have been somewhat underwhelming.

Blackest Night: JSA #2
This isn't one of the better minis.  Regarding the art, the faces are good but the bodies are weird and I don't want to think about what they've done to poor Peej's breasts to make them stay in that top.  Oh, my world for a scanner.

I think my main problem with this mini is I have no feelings towards most of the characters, and this is a book for people who care about the characters.  It's not something for new readers to jump in on.  Which is what I am, at least in terms of the JSA.  Still, DC are getting my (completist, nerdy) money so I don't really have cause to complain!

The Atom and Hawkman: Blackest Night # 46 (resurrected title)
Love the cover.  Love Ray's new costume.  I'm really interested in a Corps centred around Compassion and I've been wanting to learn more about them, and I loved the panel of Ray riding a frog (anyone put this up online or seen it anywhere?).  We are promised such a lot by the end of the issue, I am, again, left wanting more.

Green Lantern: Blackest Night #50
Oooh, svenes of violence and carnage!  Wonder Woman is still in that fucking ridiculous costume, but at least she's muscled.  Can't believe I'm reduced to saying that.  Mera is simply wonderful as a Red Lantern.  In fact, we get to see all the new Corps deputies and oh are they ever so suited to the roles!

And THEN!  It's Hal vs the Spectre.  The Spectre tries to eat 2 Guardians.
So THEN! Hal Hammers half the Spectre's face off!
And THEN!  Hal merges wiuth Parallax!  And we get a lovely 2 page spread of Parallax, all delivered in yellow, of course.
And NOW! It's Parallax vs the Spectre!  Woo hoo!

Gotham City Sirens #8
This had a lot in common with the Ivy tale in the Batman 80 Page Giant.  I have a lot of sympathy for Ivy.  Her motives are of value but unfortunately her methods are, to put it mildly, flawed.

A good issue.  Well paced, well told and with good art.

World's Finest #4
Last issue was a bit rubbish, this is now sorted out.  We still have Steph and kara, and Kara had a heart tingling scene (to me, anyway) where she yelled at Damian telling him why he shouldn't call people fat.  This is because he'd called Steph fat earlier.  This makes Kara a), a good friend, and b) a good person.  Anyway, if I didn't already have a blog banner, that panel would be it.

Much like Gotham City Sirens, this is well paced, well told and an enjoyable read with some stellar moments - Kara's fat talk and Batman's  encounter with 'flying death toys', to be specific.  We end with a nice lead in to this year's Krypton crossover.  Most of which I won't be buying.  The main title I will purchase, but I've just cancelled Action and Adventure Comics, and won't be buying this 3 parter that's coming out shortly.  Although I'll probably get the main maxi series.

Because I don't want to end on a down note, I shall talk about Cry for Justice #6 next.
There was a change of artist in this issue, but one who has a very similar style to the regular guy.  he draws a very captivating Kara and a ridiculous Zatanna (stockings? please.)

Kara is bright enough to figure out who the villain is, then gets dispatched really easily, much like the rest of the heroes.  Donna gets cruxified to the wall by Prometheus, then rips herself off the wall, takes an arrow in the leg, drags herself to Prometheus and proceeds to be the only one who can beat him down and defeat him.

Seeing Donna, a woman, an Amazon and a second leaguer, save the day in such a manner gave me a little (big) thrill.

At the end of the book Robinson acknowledges that his characters have cried Justice! a lot but stops short of an apology.  He also claims he has done something new within this mini.  I disagree.  Reading this issue in particular gave me a sense of deja vu, and reading the series as a whole has reminded me of Justice League Elite.

Supergirl #49

I bloody knew it!  Lana is the new Insect Queen!  I feel triumphant.  In other news, Kara's defeat of the Banshee was handled well and gave her a chance to shine.  Overall, this issue flowed better than # 48, and felt, again, like a Kara centric issue.  Next issue is #50, and Cliff Chiang is providing pencils for one story!  Hurrah!


wiec? said...

i'm with you on GL#50 pretty much flawless. and Mera as a Red Lantern is/ has been a high point. the panel where Parallax jumped into Hal's face was probably one of my favorites.

i wish my scanner was working too.

and you are the completist. i gave up on most of the spin offs. i did pick up the Flash one and so far it's been pretty cool. the JSA (who i like but don't read anymore) i had to pass on. just shelling out too much for BN. still like it though.

Saranga said...

I was gonna get every single Blackest Night tie in, then decided that was a bit stupid. Then they brought out the rings so I went back to buying some tie ins, Now I think i'm only gonna be missing about 3 tie in issues.

This is the one and only event I've bought (nearly) everything for, and will be the last one I buy into. On the whole, I consider worth my money, but unfortunately some issues are under par. I guess that's to be expected.

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